Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gocco !!!!!

Sung to the tune of Rubber Duckie and with the same amount of enthusiasm ( and talent) as Ernie from Sesame street.
"Mr Gocco, You're the one

You make printing so much fun !

Mr Gocco I'm awfully fond of you - de doo de doo de doo"

And you know what? I know there are little specks where there shouldn't be little specks and I know it's because I forgot to use the blue filter thingy. I also know that I could have a more professional - less handmade finish by making tags a thousand or so other ways but I won't because ............
I LOVE Mr Gocco
and all his little specks !


  1. it looks awesome - spots an all!!!!!!

  2. I have no idea about Mr Gocco...but now Rubber Duckie is going to be playin' in my head all day long...

    Thanks very much :)

    I'll just have to try & pass it on to some one else!

  3. I love gocco too! I'm dying to buy one when I'm in japan next week! in fact its top of my list! well done, love the things you've made

  4. Ah such honesty....and now I have rubby ducky playing in my mind till who knows when....thanks Jodie.

  5. Clever Jodie
    Your're the one
    You make crafting
    So much fun .... also sung to the tune of Rubber Duckie!

  6. Hi jodie,

    Thanks for your comment... I'd love a tutorial on yo yos, although whip up has one in the archives. Perhaps you could pull together some examples of how people have used them - I don't have a clue, beyond the obvious, seeing as I didn't know what a yo yo was until a couple of days ago! But only if you want to/have time! Thanks again...

  7. These are adorable - I still haven't completely figured out how a Gocco works (must google it) and all that you'd use it for. Well done!

  8. Very cute! I can't see specks in the photos, but I bet they just add to the charm! ~A :-)

  9. If you want to find out more about gocco, go to www.nehoc.com.au they have tutorials there on how to use it!

    I love what you have done with your Gocco..I got a hand stamper off ebay the other day for mine and I can't wait to use BOTH!

    Keep up the good work!



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