Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the fabric of my life...........

I have fabric from projects past

I have fabric I have bought and never used

I have fabric bought, donated, given and thrifted

My fabric collects fabric

I have old fabric so thin it needs to be backed to be sewn

I have fabric that holds memories of baby clothes and Christmas dresses

I have fabric whose history belongs to families I have never known

I have serious serious fabric.......

and now I have this............

and I yearn for THIS

Everything else seems immaterial

( ha ha ha................... immaterial get it ?? get it ???)


  1. sigh...even tho' all I can do is sew a button on (and I can guarantee it won't come off again LOL), I do love fabric...and you have great taste in fabric :)

  2. Love that fabric too.
    I can see why you wanted it.
    What will it be ?????........

  3. I get it, I got it (brown one)-Tee heee! Can't wait 'till Magnolia Square

  4. Yes I get it too and wish I had it!! What fun great fabric choices.

  5. Sounds like something for my epitaph Jodie - you can never have too much fabric.

  6. I dont know a lot about fabric but I did buy fabric that was very high quality and inexpensive from an online stoare calle iluvfabrix.com http://www.iluvfabrix.com

  7. Great post - says so much - ah fabric - we understand.
    Nice blog you got going on here!


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