Saturday, May 27, 2017

Bastard - the quilt (a musical journey through one quilter's stash)

Go on... let it out. Have a big guffaw at my expense.
It took me four days just to sew the top together. Admittedly not all day, I lost the will to live around 5pm each afternoon.

Before you ask..No I am not reallylearning to love quilt making.

 Although I do like quilt finishing.

 I think I could love it, maybe, if it weren't for all the precision - and the freaking pressing.

But truthfully, making sea stars was way more fun.

 Special thanks has to go to Emma who helped out with all the complicated maths.. and the instructions.. and pretty much everything!
The free quilt pattern can be downloaded on the Ella Blue website and it is called Leaky Boats. They could not be swayed to use "Bastard"  - bizarre ! but that leaves it free for the musical !