Monday, November 30, 2009

Market mayhem

Daylesford turned on a spectacular day on Saturday for the market. I am sorry it has taken me this long to blog about it BUT someone who has finished VCE and been home sick seems to have eaten all my Internet (and trust me I have a lot of Internet) so I am back to caveman Internet until tomorrow.

(MR Burly - husband of Julie sporting a very flash three tiered pink ensemble)

Julies idea with the Suffolk Puffs or yo-yo's was great - I met so many bloggers on Saturday that my brain was a bit of a whirl. Please leave me a comment and tell me who you were again so I can come and visit you. (waving wildly at Ms Sprouts and the pirate) and she BAKED ! That's right she baked yo-yo's and let Annie and I give them away to bloggers....

Annie was in charge for the day and I could not ask for a better assistant (or friend). She is so willing to help and give up her weekend to stand behind my stall and flog my wares (and she does a far better job of it than I do I can tell you).

It is so hard to explain just how much fun Saturday was - I was on a crafty high all weekend. I met THE BEST people and caught up with awesome inspiring crafters and shared plans and exciting news and made commitments to friends and crafters to do less hibernating and more socialising.

(Kirst's music boxes - she is my biggest blogcrush ever )

I can't really do a major festival of links - mostly because I know I am going to forget someone - and really there were so many bloggy visitors it was almost hysterical at times. But also because it will take me about another ten hours on caveman Internet.

(One of these curlypops delights made its way home with me)

If you would like to see just some of the fantastic bloggy visitors that made their way to the market, head off to the delightful Superpops blog ....

and if you want to meet the other stallholders then here is a list for you. I did this from memory and I am sure I have forgotten some people, and a few stallholders are not on the net so I apologise in advance



Pink snowflakes


The clunes strangler

ceci bean


bob boutique



Pictures eat people


There was one other stallholder there who I would like to tell you about tomorrow.......and I am going to blatantly try and sell you all something as well. I might coerce, I may threaten or I may just beg......

(Consider yourself warned!)

Friday, November 27, 2009

The not-so-very-secret-at-all-bloggers-who-wear-yo-yo's- society.

Okay so maybe thats not a very catchy title, but Miss Julie had a great idea.

Julie is coming to the Daylesford Makers Market tomorrow and meeting up with some friends, so much like a blind date where people promise to wear a certain flower in their buttonhole, Julie will be wearing a pink yo-yo !

I think this is a great idea !
Just think of all the blogmeets, craft shows etc that we all go to and blog about, only to have people comment and say "oh no I was there at that time too, I wish we could have caught up".

So here is the plan , if you are coming to the Daylesford Makers Market tomorow why not wear a yo-yo and let people know you are a blogger. Of course if you want a more anonymous feel to the day thats cool too. Actually I will have a free selvedge key-ring for all the yo-yo wearing bloggers who come and say Hi ! (until I run out)

I am excited by this idea Miss Julie, why not adopt it as the Universal Crafty Blogger version of the secret handshake.... Go forth and yo-yo !

( and if anyone can think of a better name that the-not-so-very-secret-at-all-bloggers-who-wear-yo-yo's-society pop over and let Julie know)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bah Humbug !!!

Now that my smalls are actually quite big (like 18 and 14), I have to say a lot of the "magic" of Christmas is gone.
I find myself concentrating more and more on all the effort it requires and I must admit to being a bit Bah-Humbug about it all at the moment. (mind you that could be because every bloody shop in town has been spruiking Christmas since September).
But yesterday I found, bought and printed this from everybodies favourite Aunty and now I am determined to buy some presents just so I can wrap them.....
(once again its all about the packaging for me)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Never enough time.....

I seem to be in the enviable position of having some "spare" time on my hands......
All the things I wanted to prepare for the market on the weekend are done. Everything is priced, tagged and packed.

So for today at least it is back to the robot pattern......

Must be those 32 hour days I now have.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Abject failure - or why I shall never be a motivational speaker.

Much like the law enforcement agencies like to have a focus , you know 'focus on speeding' or 'focus on seat belts'.......this month at Chez Ric-Rac has been 'Focus on Toilet Paper' month.....
and what a month it has been.
There has been huge cross media attention .... i.e I have been trying to spread my message across, in front of and in direct competition with Ipods, television , Internet and general ignorance!
There have been promotions - me printing stickers with little rolls of toilet paper on them and conveniently sticking them in amongst the children's clean washing, in their lunchboxes and anywhere else I could manage it. (Actually that bit was lots of fun)

Awareness raising - me (again) spending a lot of time enquiring after the toilet paper situation, checking how people are enjoying 'Focus on Toilet Paper' month and just how committed everyone is.

Why ?

because it is about bloody time someone in this house under the age of 40 learnt to change the toilet roll when it was empty ...and then...god forbid....put the empty roll in the bin.

(Maybe I should take to carrying my own personal supply on my person - that way no matter how teeny the sliver of paper left - I won't have to be the one to actually empty the roll - or maybe I'll just give up now and go completely bonkers.........either way ......)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

buttons and string

Okay, so making kits can be a pain in the bum. All that cutting and packing and checking and double-checking that you have included everything.

But then you get to use cupcake boxes and stickers and stripey string and shiny buttons.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

dating advice............from the dark ages

When you have been in the dating game for a while - you get to know the types of guys you might find.

Mr- Cheesy.................loves himself just as much as he claims to love you!
(often known to have a surfeit of chest hair )

Mr- I'm- dangerous................ and therefore intriguing!
(usually goes to great lengths to hide the fact that he still lives with his mum)

But this is the guy you need to find.

He'll be at Daylesford makers market with me in just 15 days time.......

(and I am in the running for cheesiest self promotion of the year with this blog post for sure! )

Monday, November 9, 2009


Mustard , Rocket and Dill

Can you guess which photo Rocket took?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Parsley and Beet (and Avocado too)

This is Avocado,

she is an all - cotton version of the Parsley and Beet pattern and she is looking very pleased with herself as she is the (back) cover girl for the Parsley and Beet pattern.

It dawned on me last week, that I had so many questions about Doctor's flannel when I made the Kinder girls and Boys pattern, that finding or dyeing some wool for your own Parsley and Beets might be a bit of a headache.

So I set about another whole batch of pattern testing to make sure that you could make a 100% cotton version of Parsley and Beet if you want to.

Not only that, I have dyed some flannel and put it in the shop as well.

Now that the photos are took, the patterns are printed, the fabric is dyed, the destructions make sense, the testers have tested, the patterns are folded, and the postage is checked, I might just get back to a bit of sewing........I have a market sneaking up very quickly !

If you are pleased that this pattern has finally seen the light of day, you need to thank Maree. Without her nagging, you might still be waiting.

I promise the Disco Bots will be a bit faster!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't help but wonder

What exactly is the collective noun for a group of robots?