Monday, August 30, 2010

Give a stork a fish

and you feed him for a day

In my defense it was a pretty big fish

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giveaway - an Act of random Kindness

You guys know I have a weird relationship with blog giveaways, so when Tina first emailed me with an offer to giveaway some products here I treated it with my usual grumpy old lady cynicism.
But I did take the time to check out the website and ...well Tina was spot on when she said I might like what they do.

Ark is an Irish company (Oh lord the running joke at our house is that if the guy at the door has an Irish accent, I'll buy two of whatever he is selling) that have recently launched in the UK.

Ark is a not for profit movement encouraging Acts of Random Kindness through their clothing range. The idea is that you perform on Act of random Kindness every time you wear their brand. Simple ! Straightforward ! and fun ! I love it !

Their site is full of great stories and suggestions about how you can join the movement. And whilst I'm probably not going to stand on a street corner hugging people, I can certainly pay for a coffee for the guy behind me in line.

So after a chat, Tina and Cam have sent me two T-shirts to giveaway here on the blog. I have one of each of the T-shirts pictured. Now these shirts (small size 8 and large size 12) are on the small size. I can vouch for the "coolness' factor - Miss 19 was horrified at the thought that I was giving away both T-shirts and not keeping one for her.

So this giveaway is open to everyone BUT (you knew there was a but coming didn't you).

It would be great if you take a few minutes and click over and check out the website. Read about what they do with their money and the Acts of random Kindness they
have shared, the schools initiative, the launch of donations for Haiti- good stuff people !!!

After you do that come back and leave a comment, tell me about something you like on their site, an Ark that you thought was funny, or one that you could do. Watch Cam's speech , hang out a bit.
Yes yes, I know, you're are all cynical old buggers like me, so I've put my money where my mouth is - I bought two T-shirts last night. One pink, One green for the nieces.......and today I am going to go out and perform my own act of Random kindness.

I hate shopping BUT ............ No. 1

Really ?
This was a no-brainerI bought one of these great do-it-yourself hand screen printed bunting panels off Nic of Yardage Design for a friend for Christmas. (and another one cause they were so ridiculously cheap)
Isn't it a great idea. The bunting and the instructions are all printed on one panel. You can either use the panel to make double sided bunting with Nic's patterns on both sides, or add your own fabric for the back.....thereby getting more flags.

This has to be one of those "why didn't I think of it?" kind of ideas.....Brilliant.
Apart from a great idea, Nic designs her own fabric and tea-towels, is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and was a joy to hang out with when we met at Stitches and Craft all those months ago.
(and no, this is not advertising. I really truly bought these off my own bat and just love them)

However, if you would like to see some real life advertising , come back tomorrow .......
(oh, and at this point I'm going for Number One on the green circle quilt)

Monday, August 23, 2010

teaching your grandma to suck eggs

A few people asked how I created the circles so here we go. I actually first used this method when I was making little woolly underpants for Seamus the monkey and I wanted a nice finish on the tail hole.
I also used the same method to create windows in the Animal house pattern.
I'm sure there are a zillion similar methods out there by real quilters and certainly properly piecing circles is not in my repertoire but I love the little window-look I get this way.
The patterned fabric is the top fabric, the white is the "lining" of the circle and the bright blue is the piece we want peeking through. (Normally the "lining" would be the same as the top fabric but its easier to show here with different fabrics.)Draw the EXACT size circle that you want on the back of your lining piece and place it face down in position on your top fabric.
Sew completely around the circle directly on the line. Trim your lining fabric
Cut the centre out of the circle leaving about 1/4 inch seam allowance inside your sewing line. Clip the circle.
Now tuck the lining piece in through the circle and smooth it out behind.
Hey presto ! Give it a press with the iron.
This is what we have at the back
and in between the layers.... You can further trim that lining piece on the back if you like.

Put your third piece of fabric behind the window you have created (This would be good for fussy placement of little pictures)
Top stitch around the circle using a small stitch, holding your third piece of fabric into place.
So guys this is by no means a definitive way to do this, its just the way that works for me and gives the effect I want.
(I cannot tell you how much that orange thread is grating on me and my anal ways)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The worst photos you will see on this blog

Guys I am sorry about the photos - but this is me trying some vague quilt layouts on the kitchen table and standing on a chair to get the photos. I could have cropped out all the "life' in the background but then it was too close to look quiltish if that makes sense.
I've used scrap booking paper for the circles and of course the greens will be different depending on the fabrics I use......anyway would you like to tell me which layout you like ? I think I've already decided .....................
Number one.
Number 2. (essentially the same with no hole in the middle)

No. 3

No. 4

For a better idea of the actual colours have a look at the previous post
and thanks for all the help.

Friday, August 20, 2010


So I love this idea, little circles of fabric in behind other fabric.... BUT I hate that you can see the clippy clippy bits around the circle on the white fabric.

and then I like the wonky 3 layered idea

So with two layers ? No more clippy clippy look, but to me this is just inviting disaster.
I'm lucky enough to sew one layer to another in a straight fashion..... and in the right light you can still see it a bit....

See what I mean by the clippy clippy bit - even with batting and backing it's still obvious.

Not so bad with coloured fabric but IF this was to become a quilt, all this red would make my eyes bleed...

A white on white print is better..........but do you remember when I made a white quilt before?
I didn't love it and gave it away.

How does grey grab you ?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm not as nice as you think I am .... Giveaway

yeah yeah, I know I don't play by the rules....I had a giveaway and didn't even tell you.

You see, sometime ages ago, the Very wonderful Megan asked me if I would like to be included in the 2011 sewing calendar (silly question).Of course I was happy to oblige.

Last week I received two copies in the mail, one for me and one for you, actually mine will probably go to my mum......... (Does that weird Mum-collecting-every word-ever-said-about-you-thing-ever-stop ?)

The calendar is so good , it has heaps of really fun projects, lots of templates and lots of new blogs to check out. There is heaps of variety and yes lots of the projects are available on the Internet as tutorials but this has over 100 projects all together in one spot.
My projects are both available here on my sidebar, the tape-measure pouch and the one-hour softies.
I'm not sure where this is available in Australia, but it would make a great present for a crafty friend. On a quick flick through I saw Ellen's great bunnies and the great watch from Lucykates craft. (man I keep some fine company)

So I went back through the last few posts and got the teenagers to pick some numbers and the winner is.......... Tracey of Peppermint Patcher......

(and the I'm not as nice as you think I am bit comes in when even though the giveaway is over....I still put giveaway in the title just to mess with the people who trawl blogs just to enter giveaways..... yeh , I'm evil)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Physician, heal thyself........

Yesterday, on my day off I had to buy a new pair of work pants.
This was before the vomiting in the street incident. (Don't stress, It was discreet, in a cough cough cough vomit kind of way)
So, not wishing to sacrifice one of my few remaining brain cells to the chore of clothes shopping- I planned a super quick visit. Get in grab the most boring pair of pants you can see - and get out.
As I headed in I passed a coat /hoodie /hybrid - truly one of the most impractical, synthetic horrors I have seen in quite a while. Not surprisingly it was drastically reduced !

It has not stopped baaaaaaaing since I brought it home.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ask me

If I'm better yet ? Go On !
I dare you !

Friday, August 6, 2010

Izzy & Archie

Today because Jodie was only half-grumpy, she took us to the park.

Archie was very excited to see all the water in the pond , but I thought it looked a bit yucky. Did you know ducks go to the toilet in that pond?
Jodie said he could only do pretend fishing and she made him sit a long way from the edge.
After fishing, we did sliding and we slided together a bit and we slided on our own and Archie slided on his belly.
Jodie said she thought that belly slides were a bit dangerous for boys who are only three, even if they think they are super-heroes. Archie didn't listen , because little brothers who are only three never ever want to listen to grown-ups.
I was catching Archie at the bottom and he crashed right over the top of me and I got all pushed in the dirt. Then I cried a little bit because I was a bit muddy. Jodie said don't worry because mud doesn't count if it is just on the back.

Then Jodie said that we had ten more minutes so we should do some swinging. I like swinging the best but I don't like it best when Archie kicks his legs all everyway and makes the swing go
sideways. I like it best when he is not swinging at all!

Jodie made us have a very best smiley photo on the swing and you can't even see the mud which is just on the back of me and not on the front- then it was all over and finished and time to go home already.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Where am I ?

You may be forgiven for thinking I am over at The Drapers of Mt. Macedon, swanning about a-la-trunk-show

or you may think I am living in the cutest online magazine. (With Kate and Fiona, two awesome Australian softie designers).

but I'm at home, in the dressing gown, coughing.... with less vigour than I was a week ago, but coughing nonetheless.

and yes I am having a trunk show , you know, just like Amy butler...if she were shorter, older, fatter, less talented and living at my house coughing up internal organs .........

yep ! Exactly the same