Sunday, May 27, 2012

Falling out of love.

I started a project a very long time ago – at least a year or more, and I fiddled and farted with it until I fell completely out of love with it. I had samples half made, instructions half written but it just wasn’t going anywhere. Do you do that? Do you hide them and forget about them, or leave them out to taunt you? This was a taunter….

squiggle fabric

But last week when Emma gave me a gift of some Ed Emberly fabrics ,  I felt that little spark and it was time to start over. I tossed all but one of the previous 11 attempts and started again.

I saw this fabric at the quilt market last November and fell in love with it. I may have suggested strongly that Emma get it in to her shop so I could make toys with it. It was just perfect.squiggle cats

These two aren’t quite finished in the photo, they now have little collars and tags. I thought I’d name them after the Ricrac cats. I explained to Eloise and Jude, that whilst they don’t look exactly like them, the do represent them in a hobby-filled  kind of way.catsreally

I don’t think Jude took it as a compliment.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

You’ve been promoted.

I have had a quick glance at your job description this morning and as members of the Management team, you are “expected to make complex decisions within concrete parameters”


That means, that whilst I am off teaching today you get to decide which of these photos will be the pattern for photo for the new beginner pattern.

At long last, his name is Dozer


Now I have to dash, I forgot to buy lollies for today’s class, and I simply cannot work in a classroom environment without a few lolly teeth to sustain me..and mint leaves…and the little pineapples…..and milk bottles and maybe the odd freckle.

(and don’t forget the last one to leave locks up and no photocopying your butts while I am out)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The scrutineers scrutinized

The officials officiated and the winner is Outback crafter – Debra

My mum has been gobsmacked by the support and she thanks you all. Your donations together with her local fundraising mean she is well on the way to funding two children attending the camp and she is thrilled.

IMG_3178 edited

You are all eggs of the most outstanding quality.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My mum needs money

Not for herself mind you, rather she is fundraising for The Kids Foundation. My mum is the volunteer  Arts and crafts coordinator at Camp Phoenix. Camp Phoenix is a holiday experience that provides burn survivors and their families time away from their on-going treatment. Camp Phoenix has been running for 19 years and is recognised Australia wide for its work with kids. Please click over for just for a minute or two.

My mum has set the target to raise $2,600 dollars to cover the cost of two kids attending camp. She is fundraising locally through her many and varied old nanna channels as well as online, and I thought that perhaps some of you might have $5 to spare (and yes I know there is a million things you could donate to, and yes I know that it is not possible to donate to everything….I really do, but dudes, its my mum so I have to ask.)



I thought to help coerce people I would offer a giveaway. If you donate $5 to my mum through her Everyday Hero page then I will enter you in the draw to win your own Little Red Riding Hood doll, with frock and cape and vegies- the whole kit and caboodle! the more multiples of $5, the more entries of course.

You need to donate with credit card and then they will email you with a receipt number which you can enter into the comments section here. Its a great page actually, you can see little messages from the people who have donated- totally cool. If that’s all a bit too hard, we can work out a PayPal solution-just email me.

So that’s it people, me asking for monies again. Please don’t get your knickers in a twist if you don’t think this is appropriate blog-fodder, just click away and come back in a few days.

I’ll draw the winner on Thursday or Friday and will close the comments then as well.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taking some credit

Remember the class I did in Ballan with the kids. During the week one of the assistants (mother’s) sent me an email:

“I know we gushed and gooed on the day, but L and I just can't stop talking about your Sally class - we've both been thoroughly inspired!  (And we've become great pals with V and E too...bonus!)  L has done a little bit more machine sewing but she's just pulled one out of the bag with some hand stitching.  She designed and stitched this little number between 3pm yesterday and 10am this morning (taking out eating and sleeping time etc...) and she was dying for me to email it to you!” 

missL stitchery

How is that ? Miss L is a total darling and was one of the least experienced kids in the class, and look at her now. She is a rock star.

miss L

Every time I think about this, I get a big goofy grin on my face. This teaching kids gig has to be one of the most rewarding things I have done in ages. I just want to lean into that photo and give her a big squeeze ! Miss L is coming to my next Ballan class in July and I can’t wait for a bit of show and tell so I can see her work in the flesh. She is a delight !

Would you believe I have two new patterns ready and finished….they are just waiting for cover photos. I need the weather gods, the time management gods and the photography gods to all smile at the same time and they will be finished….

Be well my internet friends, I have been missing you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Medicine man

waved his magic wand and said no to the idea of elbow surgery. He suggested that the best surgical outcome would be no better than what can be achieved by time. So, the cast is off and we are heading towards normal. Just like that ! It’s kinda weird…but good weird. When the discussion about physiotherapy came up Doctor 5 suggested Simon just carry a bucket of water around for a bit. Seriously. ragrugblue

I started a new rag rug, not that the first one (or two) are finished but I am going to teach a drop-in class about rag rugs in July. One of the things people ask is how much fabric it takes so I thought I'd better make up an example. (What an awesome excuse)


The blue rug  has used 1.5 metres of fabric at 44 inches wide. Each colour change is half a metre.

It measures 13 inches across. I’m  not wholly sure why, but I am still obsessed with these rugs, Every time I see that crazy popcorn of colours on the red carpet I can’t help but smile. I think I might take it to school with me and see if the kids want to make one for the library?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who’s on first?

On Tuesday Doctor 2 (the surgeon) decided Mr Ric Rac needed surgery and sent us to another hospital. (Doctor 2.5 was also present and we believe is a student doctor of some sort but he wasn’t introduced and plays no further part in our rollicking tale). Please note his clothes had the sharpest creases of any clothes ever ironed.

Today Doctor 3 needed to discuss many things with Doctor 4. After visiting Doctor 4 at least three times during the consultation, Doctor 4 eventually joined us. He had a lovely Irish (?) accent so I liked him immediately.* Doctor 4 didn’t think surgery would improve things very much but decided that it needed further investigation. Both Doctor 3 and Doctor 4 seemed perplexed by the treatment so far but cast no dispersions upon the good character of Doctors 1, 2 or 2.5.

On the advice of Doctor 4, Doctor 3 tried to organise a CT scan but it was booked solid, we heard his side of the conversation as he tried to persuade them of the urgency of the scan to no avail. Doctor 3 hung up and said a swear word and disappeared for a while. On his return Doctor 3 told us it was all sorted, he had run down to radiology and fixed it up. Is that normal ? I have no idea? Did he fix it up gangster style? A closet member of Sons of Anarchy ? It seemed pretty cool to me.

So we went home. Halfway through microwaving last nights leftovers, we got the call to return for the CT scan. This was done by someone we presume is a radiologist so he is now called Radiologist 3 - he had interesting hair. In fact the whole radiology department were snappy dressers. I like a nice dress pant on a chap.

Tomorrow we will go back and relay the story from the start to Doctor 5 while looking at Radiologist 3’s scan.

So if Doctor 5 says surgery, that would put him on the side of Doctor 2 (and we can presume the unspoken but well creased Doctor 2.5) but against Doctor 4 of the lovely accent. Doctor 3 is obviously subordinate to Doctor 4 so I have to guess he is on the side of no surgery, even though he seems like a man of action. Doctor 1 was the Emergency room doctor so he gets no say in the further developments.

This would mean we have 5, 2 and 2.5 against 3 and 4.

Or  we could have 2 and 2.5 against 5,3 and 4.

I have learnt:

  • Waiting rooms are all kinds of ugly
  • Always take a book, sewing, a packed lunch no matter how quick you are told something will happen.
  • In a waiting room situation other peoples children are not that attractive –sorry.
  • You are not meant to play with the up down bed pedals when the doctor leaves the room – no matter how bored you are! but you can help yourself to one of those rubber gloves if no-one is looking.

* For those playing along at home do not judge your doctor by their accent. Doctor 4 was nowhere near as cool as Doctor 3.