Wednesday, December 28, 2016

By the Bundle Giveaway

By the Bundle
I am not sure exactly where to start and you guys know that I have zero expertise in quilts, quilt making and therefore quilt books. But seriously .....

By the Bundle

The images alone in this book by Emma jean Jansen are enough to warrant the purchase (oh yeah and the stunning quilts).
 The quilt pictured above is my absolute favourite from the book. You guys know that I work with Emma though both Ella Blue and Creative Abundance but you may not know we live about 5 minutes from each other ! I was lucky to see all these quilts in the planning and making stages and this one was my favourite right from the start. In fact I currently have all of Emma's test blocks here at my house and was going to post them and pretend I made them.... but you guys are just not that gullible.

By the Bundle

Emma's book is designed to inspire quilters to use their pre-cut bundles to make stunning modern quilts. The book contains quilts for every level of quilter, from some simpler quick piecing methods with rectangles and squares, to curved piecing, raw edge applique and foundation paper piecing.

By the Bundle

By the Bundle is produced by Lucky Spool Media and can be purchased at all good quilt stores and the usual online places... I believe the author has a handful of copies in her Etsy shop if you were looking for a signed copy! (I won't tell you what she wrote in my signed copy !!!)

Image result for bundle emma jean jansen

See - total favourite!!!
Anyway, I have a copy of the book to give away (not the one with the cheeky inscription). There are no hoops to jump through- just leave a comment to be entered. You could tell me which of the quilts you like best.The winner will be chosen at random and emailed.

(photos borrowed from Lucky Spool Media)

Thanks everyone the winner is I am.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hi guys I am feeling a bit ranty which is a sure sign that I am tired and grumpy. It seems to be my resting state these days.
My fridge is almost covered in those postcards from kindly vets and eye doctors, and ladyparts doctors and every other reminder known to man. You know, the ones reminding you that missed a vaccination, examination, posturation, or elevation some months ago.  I do appreciate them, because it would not be possible for me to get a pet or a ladypart to the doctor every year without them. 
I thinking " we just went to the vet" and suddenly the dog wouldn't be vaccinated four years. The same applies to the ladyparts doctors... Two years ? Are you serious? I'm still wincing. It can't be two years.
I know Christmas is coming, and I have documented my growing disassociation with it here on the blog before. Can I be arsed digging out the tree, assembling the tree, decorating the tree, protecting the tree from whatever weird cat cult ceremonies they want to perform on the tree, for it to sit in the corner until the big day, upon which folks will arrive, ignore the tree and spend the day eating foods in the garden ? 
Maybe I could just throw some tinsel in the cherry tree.... (It would be more than I managed last year)
How are you doing? You ok.? Have you started, finished, ignored or ticked non-applicable to the craziness? Are you sick of every retail person in the world asking how you are going with your Christmas shopping? (Just laugh and say don't you mean Easter?- it stops them talking to you)
 I finish real work on the 20th and then I am going to do some baking. i'm quite looking forward to day in the kitchen, in the quiet, on my own, baking stuff and drinking tea. In fact it sounds like freakin Nirvana right now. 
My kids have given me no instructions and look set to recieve a stocking full of nothing on the day but we will have lunch under the cherry tree (weather permitting) and there will be tinsel.
(Oh yeah pictures aren't working. They can't be arsed either)