Thursday, September 29, 2016

I've been to Bali too

Only I haven't really. 
But I did go to Tassie and I slept a lot and I wandered around a bit

 Great view with a side of ugly fence

A boat

A person who doesn't know how to use her camera

I also taught a super-fun elephant class at Frangipani fabrics

 It was a great day !!! Look at these happy folks !!

It was a quick trip and now I am home waiting impatiently for my new fabric to arrive so I can once again sew a million things for the booth at quilt market (26 sleeps but who is counting). My roof is still leaking like a sieve because ironically it is too wet to fix it, my house is a bomb site and there is not enough tea in the world to keep things on an even keel this week.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Patty's Piecing Makeover review and Giveaway

I want to tell you about Patty. Last year in Houston I went along to one of the 'event' things. You know, everyone is invited and you get a free drink and stand around awkwardly cause you don't actually know anyone. There is some air-kissing (and arse kissing) and smiling politely while trying to sneakily read people's name tags.

 I was busy doing just that when Patty said Hi, and the rest is history. She is a bubbly, fun little-bit-loopy woman and all that time ago when she asked if I would like to see her book I said yes.

So, time passes as it does and eventually I get a message from Patty saying the book is done and would I like to see it ? I can't even remember what the book is about so I give an enthusiastic YES and hope it is not a knitting book.
Ok ! The thing is, this book was written for me. I mean it. I know that I sometimes make quilts but I really do just wing it every time and there is a lot of fudging and swearing and unpicking. There are often tantrums and blocks getting tossed in the bin from across the room.
There is so much fantastic information in this book - stuff that I didn't even know that I didn't know - like the magical little sewey up thing for mitred binding - Seriously !!!

Not to mention the crazy idea of checking that your 1/4 inch is in fact a 1/4 inch 

The book is basically a manual that shows you how things go wrong and what to do to fix them. The day it arrived I jumped into the ironing Vs pressing section (cause I suck at both) and ended up reading about seam setting, open or closed seams and whether or not to use steam.

The book takes you through a whole bunch of different quilt blocks, each with a problem, diagnosis and solution. With sections like "Is my wonky strip still useable?" this book really was made for me.
if you would like a bit more of a look inside Patty's book you can visit the folks below

9/13  AnneMarie

9/15 Teri Lucas/Gen Q Magazine

9/16 Sandi Hazlewood

 Patty has kindly offered to give away a copy of the book here on the blog so I want to know what your quilting problem is ? do you pucker? are you leaning to one side? are your middle bits all congested?

Leave a comment and I will draw a winner by the end of the week.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

L is for Lion and litres

I had a plan. 
I was going to release at least two of these little friends every year. 
But this is my first little alphabet animal for the year - number eight. I have 16 letters left to go. I think I'd better get moving because I find it hard to believe anyone will still be listening to me in 2024 !

He is completely hand sewn and suitable for beginners.

He just needs a final final final proof read and he should be available pretty soon.

Things are busy here as usual. I am working on two new pattern releases before the next lot of fabric arrives and the crazy market sewing takes over. 

The hot water service went on the fritz, 
The dog is limping
 The bathroom ceiling has all but caved in with a massive roof leak.
The grandpuppy chewed the tap off the water tank so we have 5,000 litres of water trapped inside the tank.

 When asked what could be done about it , the lovely plumber said. 
"That's fixable but man, someone is going to get really wet"

Stay dry friends !

Thursday, September 1, 2016

dudes - it was meant to be a giveaway

It really was meant to be a giveaway, but I got carried away sharing my angst with you all. Thanks for your comments about your lack of balance it makes me feel better to know that we are all listing to one side.

After I first found Helen's blog I bought a copy of her book and through no real fault of my own I may have ended up with two copies. (I blame red wine and Uncle Google.)

So, I have a copy of Simple Sewn Gifts to give away to you , along with four Fat quarters of Bunny Trail fabric.
(photo courtesy of Helen's blog)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post- tell me anything you like.
Actually tell me the first thing you think of when I say "sewing school".

(There was a boy called Peter in my sewing class in year 8. In politically correct times we might say he exhibited inappropriate behavior, at 14 I can tell you he was a grabby little grub and I stuck him in the thigh with a quick unpick).
I spent a lot of time outside the textiles room 'thinking abut my behaviour'.)

The winner is Bluebird !!!!