Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big questions

One day you wake up and you are forty.............

and you can't help but ponder some of lifes big questions

Is forty too old to wear my spock ears to work ?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Above and beyond

Without waxing too lyrical , there is some kind of crazy buzz that comes from sharing something with people and then it coming back in new and wonderfully whimsical ways.

I dare you to check out this post and not crack a smile.....
go on.... I dare you......
(and thankyou Tania)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oiling my chain....

This is whats oiling my crafty chain this week.
I finished another dolly, and she is happily playing with others in the sewing room. I think they are planning an adventure when the weather gets a bit better!
I bought this awesome Sunnyboy from Buttontree Lane . I cannot rave about this too much. I love the shape and it is seriously well-made. Perfect seams , perfect corners, just perfect everything. Get on over to Michelles shop, she has the best Boxes for Socks as well. Her choice of fabrics is superb and her service is of the knock-your-socks-off variety.
Gina sent me an hysterical present - she made my week ! part of the great parcel was this delicious fabric .....text! and green !!! Could it be any better ?
Does anyone know anything about this fabric?

and this is what $600 worth of fabric and notions looks like in case you were wondering. I went and bought almost all the fabric needed for "my half" of the school for school concert costumes. I then spent most of yesterday organising and sorting.

If things get a bit weird around here for the next 8 weeks or so , you'll know its me and the 230 costumes I am helping to coordinate.

(I refuse to reveal how many of these I will probably end up sewing - did someone say control freak????)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

being presenty..........

Hello !
My name is Dungaree.
I am brand new and just made and all a bit excited.

I am special because I am a present and if I am a really good present then the person who I am presenty for ......might take me home to live with them.

I have a balloon 'cause balloons are the funnest things ever- especially on birthdays.

and I have a tag what says important stuff on it like my name .
Jodie said to just write my name and happy birthday.....

but I didn't......cause I really want the present person to like me

and right now , I am sitting on the present persons desk at her really truly job and she is at not here right now.......and I am waiting a bit.............and I am smiling my best ever present smile and holding my balloon .........and being as presenty as I can be !

Happy birthday Annie!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A sickie ?

I may have woken up slightly disgruntled today. Last day of holidays and I could have sworn I have only had one week , not the two that were promised.

But when I look at the projects, I have to concede that yes, I have had two weeks off work , and yes got quite a lot done, and yes I am very lucky to work in the Education department and have quite a lot of holidays..........

BUT !!!

Today , on the very last day of holidays - I got an idea for a new softie and I have been sewing ALL day - It is kind of completely different to any softies I've done before....and it is still not quite finished and the dinner is on and I need to get a teeny bit organised for work, and maybe think about kids stuff and quickly pop to the supermarket and finish off a few spare petals for the purple flower and send a few emails and pack a parcel or two

I guess it would be pretty bad form to chuck a "softie-sickie" on the first day back wouldn't it???

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independent ..........

Tuesday - a bit of a scarf workshop with friends - Awesome fun and a new scarf featuring some Aunty Cookie, some Greenolive designs , some Pippijoe and some left over printed text from the Johnny Depp scarf of last year.

Wednesday - sewing day with some other friends, more great fun and the fronts- only of two cushion covers. Gorgeous natural linen with pieces of Sumor by the spunkiest of all bubbles the Ink and spindle team.
and this little sweetie is Nan and she loves to play nurses
She may not be the answer to swine flu.....
but she's willing to give it a shot !

Monday, July 6, 2009

It flowed...........

Yesterdays (much needed ) serenity was quite productive.
The dolly scarves got cast off (Thanks for all the tips)
The flower got finished. This is a plastic stem with a half Styrofoam ball covered in felt. The petals are felt, and each one is wired so that they are pose-able. The centre bits of random fibres were needle felted onto the felt. In the centre of the flower is a Velcro patch so that 3 of the petals (also velcro'd) can be pulled off and replaced.
Hopefully it meets all the criteria!
French knitting- Kind of.
School concert is upon us once again and it is the job of a few of us to try and make the crazy costume ideas a reality. We also aim for the kids to have a hand in making their own costumes, so yesterday saw me attempting some french knitting without a knitting Nancy. A friend at work had described this technique to me and it sounded ideal. I needed the tubular nature of french Knitting but larger - so I french knitted on my fingers....It worked out so well. I am sure the kids will manage it - and they can each make up a little cardboard hand to "hang' their knitting from as they go.

Four dollies got faces (They have been faceless for weeks)

I finished stencilling on a skirt and yes, the mannequin is standing on the kitchen bench and No ! I am not that skinny, there are many an inch pinned in the back I can assure you.
The stencil is from the Ed Roth book Stencil 101.
I traced the stencil with a water soluble marker and painted it with fabric paint.

and then, with no intention of further freaking out Sooz, who got a little excited that I was actually knitting! I went and made a garment - and whats more it actually fits.
I know it is all uppish on one side but again that is due to the many inches pinned in the back to stop it falling off the mannequin. It is some denim stuff and a panel of Aunty Cookie because sticking to the actual pattern was freaking me out.
All it needs is hemming!
See what a bit of serenity can do.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Can you hear the serenity?

I have been knitting dolly scarves ! yes I know I am not a knitter and I did wreck the first two 'cause they went all kind of tubular on me but Mr Google explained that was because I was knitting plain and purl and for scarves I should just knit plain.

I am counting on Mr Google to remind me how to cast off as well a bit later. (I seem to have forgotten)

I have been doing a tiny bit of needle felting on this flower which is destined to be a prop for Midsummer Nights Dream in a few weeks. It needs three more petals that have to be removable and replaceable.
My stencilling needs another coat (It was not really stencilled). The edges need a bit of work.

So at 1.46 pm on Sunday afternoon, having just delivered the Ric-Rac males to the train to go to Melbourne to watch a football game, and having dropped Miss Teen Ric-Rac off to the Battle of the Bands, I am here soaking up the serenity.

The mobile is on for emergencies but you know what ? with at least 3 or 4 hours to myself, I don't care if the Queen of Sheba comes knocking, I am not answering the door, or answering the phone. I am turning the computer off and I am going to go into my sewing room to bathe....literally bathe in the serenity.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Three heads are better than one.

Close......... Closer............. closest
But still not quite right..........
(and no jeans)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What is that behind you?

So, today was the day. No more faffing about. No more avoidance and absolutely no more whiney-butt excuses. Like Arthur heading out to slay a dragon, I girded my loins, buckled into my chain maille and set off on a journey so perilous that few live to tell the tale.
Strong of heart and determined, this would be the day I rose victorious from the perils of consumer madness, treasure in hand.
The day I would buy a new pair of jeans!!!!
Little did I know the horrors that awaited me, the seething cauldron of over-heated shopping malls, the treacherous valley of the 2 inch crotch rise and the relentless tide of colours and washes and finishes.
I saw things that no woman should have to see, I saw shop-assistants, whose heads were the largest part of their bodies (like Bratz dolls). I saw jeans so "distressed" that they were held together only with good thoughts. I saw change rooms that looked like nightclubs, with carpet just as sticky........................
(and at this point you will be relieved that this is the only photoless I have ever done....)
I saw my own undies-clad-butt in a three way mirror !!!
I think my arse has been taken over by aliens.