Monday, July 30, 2012

To the tune of Sandra Dee (with heartfelt apologies)

Look at me, I’m forty-three.

Lousy with obesity.

Won’t make the bed,

Cos’ I’m sewing instead,

I won’t; I’m forty-three.


Just here to say it’s my birthday

bloody hell hip hip hooray

I’m getting old

but it’s better than cold.

I sew another day.


As for you, you troll or two

I know what you wanna do…

hate me you must

I’m no object of lust.

I’m just plain forty-three.


Look at me , I’m forty-three

short and round and quite crafty

I sew up stuff

and I fill it with fluff

I do; I’m forty three.

happy birthday

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A friend I haven’t met yet

is having a “Big Birthday Mega 40 Giveaways” to celebrate her 40th birthday. Of course, we more mature folk know that 40 isn’t really such a Big birthday at all. She is but a spring chicken.

Janelle is generously orchestrating 40 separate giveaways on her blog. How crazy is that?

I thought it might be nice to join in and offer a prize for one of her giveaways, so if you are keen to win yourself a little girl elephant, you just need to pop over to Janelle Wind’s blog and leave a comment – while you are there, you should check out ALL the giveaways. Spend some time and look at Janelle’s gorgeous creations, patterns, books – she does it all!

What an awesome way to celebrate a birthday.janellesbirthday

Sorry for the rush, people, I’ll be back tomorrow !

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Worth the wait.


These are some of the wools I have been playing with for a new project for the Daylesford Craft Experience this year. Have you booked in yet? Places are filling up super fast so I would get on the phone if I were you and secure your spot or you may very well miss out. You can get a table together or come on your own, it won’t matter. You will be sure to have fun ! Of course there is a real designer coming along as well. Natalie of Cinderberry stitches will be designing projects for the first day as well as running a master class on the second day.

Held in the beautiful Peppers retreat, it really is an indulgent day , hanging out with other crafty types. I will be designing some projects for Saturday and hanging out, along with Natalie and the gorgeous Kate of Fox’s Lane who is coming along to speak crochet. I’ll be waxing lyrical about running a micro business as well apparently. Even though it is “technically” work for me – A day of chatting and stitching is really nothing like work at all and I can’t wait !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In the past few days if I haven’t been that friendly, was a bit of a cow, sneery, snippy or  downright rude, I apologise.
If I got on your case, on your back or in your face, I’m sorry.
If I was up in your grill or ripped you a new one, forgive me.
If you copped an earful, got slagged, was read the riot act or if I went through you like a dose of salts, I take it back.
I probably looked at you sideways, greased you, snubbed you, raised my voice…and inevitable lowered the tone. Sorry
I’m breaking in a new bra.
IMG_7683and I am not the bra-whisperer.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh My

Well that was a bit overwhelming in the best possible way. Do you know I keep a list of names? Like a perpetually name-engrossed parent to be?…yep I do, and now I have added so many awesome ones to it. Thankyou. I’m thinking this might be the best way to outsource a job ever. I haven’t picked a winner yet but I will in the next day or so. For now of course the holidays are over and my library brain is taking over.


To whit, some advance planning. This Saturday I am teaching a Rag rug class at Ballarat patchwork. Its a super quick class teaching the techniques to make your own rag rug.  The short class will cost $15.50 (and you get instructions to take home). You can call Ballarat Patchwork if you would like to come along and nominate a start time at 10, 12 or 2. So you don’t have to give up a whole day.


I can promise it will be heaps of fun! if you need some more info just drop me an email or call the shop.

Now it is back to the Dewey decimal System for the day. (le sigh)

Friday, July 13, 2012


The lazy-arse designer is stuck once again on just the right name for this little creative card pattern.

Who are they? What are they celebrating? Have they joined the circus?


Of course I have a back-up name that I like but don’t love. Why is this so hard  ? because I am Jodie,  gold medallist in over-thinking. Anyway if you want to toss an idea into the ring ,please do. The best name will win a little hog of their very own and I'll post it to wherever you live .

(I’ll give you a clue…I’m not a great fan of alliteration)

So while you guys get to work, I’m going to go and sit on my aforementioned lazy-arse and have a cup of tea.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My doctor the comedian

“blah blah medical medical, and Jodie, you need to rest”


“Do you know how to do that ?………….it looks a lot like stopping.”

So here I am at home, its pouring with rain and I have stopped. I have stopped cooking and cleaning and housework and shopping and visiting. loonies1

Last week when I was not-stopped, I taught a sweet little bunch of loons at Millrose Cottage. I was going to apologise for the bad photos, as we rushed outside and squished under the canopy out of the rain..but in fact, these photos show exactly what the day was like.


Four of the looniest, most fun girls – all sewing and laughing and eating lollies while their mums helped and chatted and ate a few lollies as well. I know I must have lucked in again with these kids. There was not a whinge nor a pout for the whole day (and only one little loon that needed a band-aid).They sewed and it made me feel so good when they offered each other advice and when they reminded themselves to backtack. They didn’t raise an eyebrow when I introduced the Precision-Sewing-Instrument-of-Utmost-Importance, nor when I told them the story of the biggest butt in the world.

Do you know the thing that surprises me…Of all the stuff I do – like a day job and being a ‘designer’ and yes making a selvedge frock and everything else.

This, hanging out with these kids, is the thing that makes me nod quietly to myself and think…yep… This is a good thing to do.

Thankyou my little loons – you make me so happy.


(and presents for the teacher are definitely not encouraged but loved !)

Monday, July 9, 2012

I would have invited you,

but to be honest, the date just crept up on me. I don’t want to carry on like a teenager…
but this morning my cough and I celebrated our four week anniversary.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I just might be the local “crazy lady”

Today I knelt in the front yard in the damp and took photos of beautiful felt
I “helloed” two neighbours, one postman and a walking dog .winterwood3
No one batted an eyelid.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

This is not a to-do list

  • With the cats being pattern tested (and me still unsure about names )
squiggle cats
  • a new woollen bag blog-finished for the Daylesford Craft Experience (pattern not started)
  • A new Mr and Mrs who popped up out of nowhere (draft nine)
  • A continuing robot obsession that will not seem to quit
  • Some finished embroidery (still not turned into a “thing”)
  • A jolly fellow who is awaiting a few more simple instructions
  • Some just started embroidery
and a cut-out baby quilt that I have decided is far far to girly for a boy named George, You could say there are a few irons in the fire.
Now I could say that with the boys off at football, I’m going to knuckle down and finish off a few of these things. I am going to take advantage of the quiet house to write some patterns, and tick a few things off the list…
I mean I could say that couldn’t I?
But really? As if you would believe me.