Sunday, January 26, 2014

All the news and a freebie

This blog post is a dogs breakfast.

I want to tell you our friend Cath is blogging again , and it makes me so happy. I had a look at my blog roll the other day and I wondered about those blogs that haven't posted in a year or so. I wonder why they stop,  and then I wonder if they miss it. I like that people leave their blogs available though. One day they might get discovered by an internet archaeologists (is there such a thing?) and they will be a little time capsule of someones life.

Have you heard of Reginald? The CAE portrait prize for softies?  
Are you going to enter ? This is a portrait of Cat-rabbit and Pip from Meet Me at Mikes that I borrowed from the Reggie blog. Everything you need to know is on the website and entries need to be in by early March, so there's still lots of time. There are heaps of reasons not to enter.... I don't have time, I can't think of who to make, I'm a lazy bumhead. But I have given myself a good talking to and realised that if everyone is a craft-hermit like me, then all this good stuff disappears, so yes I am entering !

I sent a freebie out with the January Newsletter

a cute little mushroom softie. If you are not a newsletter subscriber you can go and download a free copy from my shop on Craftsy

I am also having a sale in my Big Cartel Shop  until Wednesday morning. You need to use the code BACKTOSCHOOL to get 20% off everything.

I have looked at the calendar and I have a bucketload of teaching to share with you. I guess I'd better perform a bit of CPR on the classes page... and add it all there. (yep I'll be teaching these foxy friends)
Thanks for popping in folks, it's good to see you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

With the vocal styling of Dean Martin....

Every bunny ....
loves somebunny, sometime.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving on - free sausage dog embroidery pattern

Late last year I mentioned a little freebie that I was including with the newsletter.  Are you signed up? 
The newsletter is usually where I mention new patterns and when I started it, I thought it would be a way for shop-type people to keep up but really  it doesn't seem to work like that.

So the plan for 2014 is that I will send a newsletter once a month (if there is something to say) and each month I am going to include a little present for you. It might be a pattern, it might be a discount code. It might be something I haven't even though of yet.

In December's newsletter I sent the link to this little embroidery pattern for some cute sausage dogs, and a little sausage dog rattle. Its free of course and you can download it lickety split from my Craftsy store.
(I just have to say again how much I love being able to offer freebies through Craftsy -my google doc days are behind me).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Calm blue ocean

It is freakingly hot here in my world and the air conditioner has broken.

Icypoles have become their own food group and may be eaten in replacement of any meal including breakfast.

There is no sleep to be had and the cracks are appearing. The hairy folk are stressed and both the costume wearing tourist attraction working ricrac kids have all but imploded.

Apparently we have a few more days like this.....

If you look really really closely you can just about see the end of my tether......

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I apologise

For the re-hashed instagram photos but the technology of photos and skinny cords and computers does not wish to work tonight.

I have been drinking too much tea and working on things that were half started, or half imagined.

( I actually drink my tea with the bag still in but being posh and all, I took it out for the photo. I like strong tea)

It is white sheet time. Everything gets worked again and again in white sheeting until it is close enough to use 'proper fabric'. It is one of the parts of toymaking that I most enjoy - that creation of shapes. it is also equally the most frustrating part !

Dont ask.

Yeah, the place is a mess, but it is holidays and I am choosing not to care. I do a mini tidy up before each new idea to make enough space to work and truthfully there is a system of sorts. The little white table is the "mindless sewing table' and is currently loaded with fox coats. The green tub on the floor is the happy, done, ready to draw up properly tub.... And the rest of it? Yeah well thats just mess...



Monday, January 6, 2014

On the make

I am a bit at home, and a bit all-at-sea at the moment. I am trying to use this holiday time wisely and not get too distracted by Bookface, and the instawobblies and so forth. If I owe you an email, its coming.... I have been distracted.

This little man has been brewing for such a long time - and has had many many changes and tweaks. He was never quite who I thought he was until

 he got a friend.....
 and even though he is still not who I thought he was going to be, 
I am very pleased that he is who he is.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dear Son,

Have a nice day at work love,  Make sure you dress nicely - Put on your blue suit.
Try not to get shot as you walk with your teeny tiny shield across the arena into the firing line of archers.

Make sure you wear your helmet, even when you don't wear your armour. 

Play nicely with your friends

but kill them if you have to

Look after your equipment

and make sure to practice practice, practice, practice so that you too, will soon get to gallop full speed at another man on a giant horse. Yes, he will be trying  to kill you while carrying a giant sharpened toothpick.

A boys dream job
(and a mothers worst nightmare)