Friday, October 29, 2010

and it sucked

This week , that is...On the suckage scale , it was like a supercharged Hoover with extra built -in suck.

But, I'm ignoring it and getting ready for tomorrows garage sale.

A number of crafty friends have joined forces and de-stashed in a big way. If you are local to Ballarat , pop along, it'll be in tomorrows paper or you can email me for some details. There is loads of fabric and wool and buttons and craft books and just about everything!

and Sunday....come hell or high water, come rain , sleet , snow or the end of the world. I am going into my sewing room and I am making toys......

(and just very quietly, present company excluded of course - at that point, the rest of the world can go stuff itself )

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas ? Are you serious?

When Kerryanne asked me to join her 'Simply Christmas' at Shabby Art Boutique I had to put my thinking hat on ! In light of yesterdays craft disaster its probably good that I prepared this tutorial a little while ago.

This wallet, made of PVC and paper is a really really quick make.Right now, my guest post and links to this tutorial are up on Kerryanne's Blog. Pop on over and check it out and have a look at Kerryanne's lead up to Christmas, there are giveaways, tutorials, guest posts and all sorts of handmade and home baked Christmas ideas.

and because its getting close to Christmas, its time for a giveaway. Miss Lilly is looking for a new home. If you think there might be someone at your place to lover and care for Lilly all you need to do is a leave a comment - that simple....

(and just so you know, Miss Lilly hates peas but loves jam. She hates spiders but loves ladybugs, she talks a lot and sings a lot and asks approximately 5 billion questions a day.)
winner drawn randomly next Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joke's on me !

Yep, I was totally cracking myself up over this......

I wordled and steam-a-seamed and stitched and stitched....and worked on my chain stitch....and then gave it a gentle squirt to remove the water soluble pen......

and the bloody thing ran.........................

Ironic really........

Sunday, October 24, 2010


You know that thing, with new parents, where you have to sit through endless photos of their child? And how new parents think that their child is the most beautiful / special /talented child ever to be born?

So I may not be a new parent.....................but look at this guy would you?
That tummy just kills me.
Pikelet came home with me yesterday from the Craft Hatch Market. I was hoping all day that he would still be there when I got there.....and there he was just sitting by the biscuit bowl quietly waiting for me.

Pikelet was made by the talented queen of wonk herself,
Jess of teddybearswednesday. Jess make the most perfect characters , beautiful mohair boys and tiny crocheted characters as well.
Tomorrow Pikelet will be coming to work with me-and that alone makes the start of the working week bearable.....
(snort ...bearable)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Guterman, the youngest of the trio.

Not so much going-to-be-brave when he grows up.

Fiskar , Olfa and Guterman

The Knights of the sewing table.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Fiskar, the younger

and slightly more hirsute brother of Olfa.

Thursday, October 21, 2010



A knight renowned for his bravery, gallantry

and severe case of only-blog-finished alopecia !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eye on the prize

The weekend before last I toddled off to the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne.
I was on a mission !

1st stop - The best Aunty in blogland for a few bits and bobs and a chat with her and Kirsty

Shannon's stall looked great and she and Kirst cracked me up with their stitching conversation.

2nd stop - Yardage design - you guys remember Nic, and her beautiful bunting....

well you can see why I needed to have some of this new fabric as well. It is divine and appeals to my love of typography in a big way.
Then, with my eye on the prize, I sought out Victoria Mason (who is just lovely by the way)

and bought my hearts desire.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


It was some time last term when the quality control officers got a peek at the first peanut-headed draft of these guys. I tell you, I am not built for speed.
11.30- wool felt , stuffing pellets and stuffing. These guys are FIRM !
12.05 - Some clothing
2 pm -Some teensy arms
3 pm - Some straps, some tidying.....

And in a fit of who knows what, last night I joined facebook. After waxing lyrical about wanting to set up a business page but not really wanting all the drama of 'friends' and stuff, I decided to bite the bullet.
I joined and I have a page and I have a business page but I ticked or unticked or double clicked somewhere I shouldn't because I don't exist.... I mean I know I am there, but no-one else can find me, which surely defeats the whole bloody purpose.
I'm over it already!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Over share?

Yesterday I was answering an email about doctors flannel and wool felt, and it occurred to me ( not for the first time) that I really should just have a little explanation that I can send people when they ask those questions. A fact sheet.......So that got me thinking about some of the things people ask me about and I thought I might add a FAQ page to the blog.

So this is your opportunity - ask away. Send me your questions and I'll make a little page with all the answers. Open slather. Crafty questions, bloggy questions...ummmm whatever else you might think I know.
and while I'm here banging on about myself , I have to thank some people for featuring me on their blogs in the last wee while,

The gorgeous Miss L of Tialys who featured Baxter
Erika of Weallsew who is featuring my blog next week

Craftymummy who posted about the craft clock
and Ursula who popped my teapot in her round-up and whose blog I seem to have lost.....

Its cold and wet here today and I am at home in my track pants. The parcel man has visited and given me a gorgeous present and there is a small knight calling plaintively from the sewing machine......

Go on don't be shy......... just ask !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

While you were away

So, while you were off reading Baxter, I was, for the most part on school holidays.
You know, those holidays where I was going to get heaps of 'stuff' done. I was going to revisit my fox, work on the circle quilt, write three squillion new patterns, save the world?
Well, I made a new bag (which I was supposed to do in August at Sewjourn.....)

and although it is a mighty fine bag , with delicious front panel made from a hand printed Green Olive designs tea-towel.... I'm not really sure where those two weeks went.
I did visit daylesford Makers Market and chance upon the delightful Beccasauraus, who presented me with a gift for wishing her a 'Happy Blogtoberfest'.
But mostly it was me and my team of staff working in the state of the art studio, revelling in all the mod-cons as we worked to create our little story .

(Technical specifications : Sauce jars for ballast)

Art is hard work, while Lou got horizontal to fully appreciate an installation at the gallery, Baxter apparently fainted and face-planted into a piece of modern art. The resulting nose-bleed added a new dimension to the piece. Note bench still attached to Baxter's bum.

Studio shot of all my willing helpers. Kitchen skewers one and two (look carefully under Lou's back) were indispensable additions to the holiday staff. Pantry wide open for ease of snacking and potatoes I'm guessing in a plastic bag on the end of the bench. Back wall held up by what appears to be a wine-box.

I'm just waiting for the magazines to contact me for a studio tour!!