Sunday, May 29, 2016

Quilt Market 2

When you take away all the stress and the ego and the business, quiltmarket is really a giant get-together. I hugged everyone willing to be hugged and had a ball. I am missing so many photos that I guess were taken with other people's phones but I want to remember the peopley bits of market so forgive me this bit of indulgence.

It took all of market for us to find each other - @janetclare
Love these chicks longtime - @2littlebanshees & shequiltsalot. They were my rocks of reality !!!
The Ella Blue Team !
Night time spin class with @leoniebatemandeaigns, @suedaleydesigns, @michelleyeoquiltdesigns and a hidden @mellyandme
sue Daley ( funniest chick in the bizz and fitness fanatic)
This bunch of miscreants ( @sewdemented, @mamasaidsew, @tinkerfrog, @luckyspool)
Natalie and Melea ( the most awesomest bosses I have ever had)

Dan and Shari from @doohikeydesigns ( caring wonderful people ) and Clare from Clares Place who is also every colour of wonderful, and she makes me laugh.

My new frind Ginger with her namesake. Ever meet someone that you just click with in about ten seconds? We have plans this chick and I.

A quick selfie before the line-dancing began - with @jaybirdquilts and @cotton_factory. Truly a night to remember. I have since decided against being a professional line-dancer when I grow up.

@emmajeanjansen who looks like she has been pick-pocketed ( she wasn't) and @jedicraftgirl. Yeah we totally did that polite greeting thing with our real names and then used our Instagram names and were all "I know you !!! I know Mufasa !!!

I am sad that I missed photos with some really good friends but a quick trawl through social media tells me we met, we chatted and we hugged. I know I say it all the time but this giant world wide craft group we all belong to is amazing !


Friday, May 27, 2016

Quilt market 1

There is no possible way to keep up with myself at the moment. I am days away from Quiltmarket and yet to post about.

I know you would have already seen great quilt market wrap-ups around the interwebs so this is just a little bit of my stuff for now. This Sew Together bag was made for me by my friend Katharine (@katharine_von_bibra on IG). It is the cutest most perfectly executed bag ever!!! In the background is the wonderful quilt made by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts.

Market is crazy and I did not leave the booth (bathroom breaks aside) for the first two days. I talked the ears off people and laughed (a lot) and even managed a prom photo.
I line-danced and gate-crashed a BIG party and danced like a loon to some awesome '80s music. I made a whole host of new friends and I squeezed some old friends extra hard. I missed the people who weren't there and made plans with the people who were. I had short moments of complete Designer Professionalism and a few important-people type meetings that have pretty much turned me off ever becoming an important-person.

There was very late night alcohol induced pushbike riding that involved stationary pushbikes and loud singing of 'Let's get Physical' and loads of sheanigans and merry-making.

I could say most stories involving me at market are greatly exaggerated.... But none of you would beleieve me if I did.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

By the skin of my teeth

It is Wednesday early morning and I am almost feeling human. I will crash and burn at about 3pm but then feel great again at midnight.

Yesterday we had a little wander and visited Walmart ( yes !!! Just like I imagined) and caught some trains and visited a wonderful colourful friend and finally met her daughter. It was a fantastic day.

Temple Square

Today we head off to Ikea to buy furniture and cushion inserts and dress forms and all the bits and bobs for the booth and begin setup. We will lay the floor and hang the curtain walls.... The craziness begins.

(The title of this blogpost refers to the descent into Utah in a very small plane, that had me grasping the sick bag and breathing deeply . We made it to the ground sans vomit but it was ten long minutes my friends. )


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I can see the finish line

You know how, at the end of a big race, there is always that last crazy burst at the end? People who have been running for days at a slow plod suddenly find that last burst of energy to sprint to the finish.....

I am totally like that, exept for the energy bit, and the sprinting bit and the running bit. I do however see the finish line and that is a good feeling. I am not sure whether the end of the list will be reached but I do know that nobody but me will know so it doesn't really matter.

Today was my last day at school before I leave and I have a lot of small things to finish off and a house to clean so the house/pet sitters don't run screaming from the door. Actually some doors will just be closed, thereby negating the need to clean behind them ( and if the housesitters are snoops .... they can suffer in their jocks ).

I am looking forward to catching up with friends at market - total understatement! I have made THE BEST friends doing this crazy fabric gig and I love that I get to go and visit different parts of Amercia ( except Houston, sorry Houston you smelt like poo). Mr Ric Rac is coming along this time to make sure I don't get carried away with the designer gig and disappear up my own arse.

There will be long days and sore feet and I will inevitably look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards about halfway through the first morning. There will be new exotic foods to try (peanut butter with everything) and there will be dinners and events and meetings and Very Important People.

There will not be screaming babies on planes or hymn singing nervous flyer women. There will not be explosive tummy bugs and nor will there be pooey smells or steamy weather or hurricanes.

I have exhumed all the technologies that connect cameras to ipads to dropboxes to birth records or whatever and will do my best to blog a bit while I am there.

Tell me something you know about Utah. I know that it is illegal to fish from horseback and also illegal to have sex in the back of an ambulance on the way to an emergency....but I decided to go ahead with my travel plans anyway.