Thursday, June 16, 2022

From the sublime to the ridiculous

It's all about elephants this week. I am making a Liberty sample of one of my Trunk Show elephants. The sewing table features in both these pictures. Yeah, I sometimes think I should go and get a whizzbang clean white sewing table but I do love this old table. 

One things always leads to another..... and so we have a new friend. He is nameless and so far I have added stars to the wheels (fail), a party hat (unsure) and a bunch of packages. He is about 4 inches high and this version needs new ears.
Tweak tweak tweak.....

Friday, June 3, 2022



Look at those whiskers on the face of the dog that I collided with when I was checking the letter box this morning.

Look at the whiskers on the face of the dog that I fell over that then continued running and thought it was the greatest game.

I have officially reached the "does-not-bounce" stage of falling over in my life.