Thursday, April 20, 2017

Where things stand

I had two weeks school holidays that were mostly spent here. 

In the first week there was a smattering of embroidery,

some preparation for the onslaught of Quilt market sewing

and the release of  little Clover.

The second week saw the arrival of my new fabric and well - you guys know the craziness that ensues from here on in.

I have made a quilt top already and OH MY FREAKING HELL it nearly killed me. Four days of sewing !!! Four days. (and it is not even that complicated).
It is called Bastard - the quilt , not the fabric range and there is not a matched point or straight seam in the whole thing.
I am about to deliver it to the quilter and I am dreading that bit where she flings it open across her big table.... maybe I can just leave it in the letterbox and run???