Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Biology 101

Tucked deep inside our bodies is a tiny little gland. It is not much to look at and very few people, outside medical circles even know of its existence. It is red and blobby like almost all internal stuff and most of us won't ever need to hear about it.
It controls a lot of our day-to-day stuff and it works hard and keeps us on the straight and narrow ...until it doesn't.
In hindsight I should have known things were a bit weird, but I just pushed on, as people do. I convinced myself there was nothing a few good nights sleep couldn't fix. The signs were all there, but as the symptoms mirror my general GOW (Grumpy Old Woman)  symptoms, I just ignored them.

Anyway friends, it turns out my people-er is broken. Apparently I did some serious damage to it while in Houston. I overworked the poor thing and instead of resting when I got home I launched straight in the Australian Trade Show and spent two full days peopleing like a lunatic.
I answered forty five thousand emails, promised eleventy hundred promises and talked a million talks.

My people-er is totally shredded. Doctor's have rarely seen one so trashed. It is barely able to cope with the necessary peopleing required to hold down a day job and not bite the relatives but it can not do anymore. 
I want to slap people...often. I want to rant at the stupidity of the human race. I want to go into my sewing room and never come out. I want only to commune with dogs and cats and passing lemurs. 
Yeah yeah, I know it is my own fault. I peopled too hard and too often.
 I binged and I apologise -  I swear I will people more responsibly in the future!

I am sure there are others out there with the same affliction, Doctor's say it is most prevalent at this time of the year. Look after yourselves friends. Drink some tea, have a nap, chat to the lemurs....
See you soon.