Friday, February 9, 2018

Bug City Thursday... err Friday

Yep ! I fumbled at the first hurdle !
Oh well, we will be having sporadic giveaways over the next few weeks (that covers it).
Today I am going to show you the cute coordinating spots and stripes.

These babies are super versatile !  I am so pumped with this print. It is called Thorax and I designed it specifically to make stripey little bug bodies. Striped toys are the best. I have used it for everything, clothes, quilts toys, bags... 

This is Flannery in stripes and Flannery in spots. Flannery is a super sweet simple pattern. Stripey toys again !!

The stripes have also been made into binding  !!The binding is available wholesale through Ella Blue. It is the bomb. 

The spot print is called Pollen and features irregular little dots of white on solid backgrounds. Do you know how hard it it to draw a billion irregular random blobs. It is harder than it sounds.

This is Tiago by Melly and Me - the CUTEST little Toucan in the entire toucan universe. He uses the charcoal spot for his body and Melly pieced the stripes to make that fabulous beak. I think he is a masterpiece of design!

Today's giveaway includes some spotty fabric, some binding, patterns by Tied with Ribbon, Melly & me and myself and another cute pin !
Just leave a comment telling me if you are a spot person or a stripe person...

The winner is 2paw .

Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday - Bug City Giveaway

Here we are, at the start of a fresh new week and I am going to walk you through my Bug City fabric collection. (forgive me if I miss a day - real job, you know). 

 Bug City contains five prints with a total of 21 fabrics. Today's print is Beetles! I really enjoyed designing this range, working with bright colours and cute little motifs. There was another print that didn't make the cut - I might show it later in the week if I remember.

Beetles comes in the four colour ways shown below. When I first talked about this range with people I was warned not to add spiders to it but no-one mentioned beetles. This is a great print for clothes, from a distance it looks like little coloured blobs but when you get close you realise it is a bug skirt, or shirt. 

The strong blue is maybe possibly my favourite, although I have used the teal to cover a lamp and it looks awesome. I found that old metal beetle in an op-shop just a few weeks ago and for the princely sum of $5 he had to come home with me.

This is my latest quilt pattern - June bugs. Its a super easy one-block quilt that anyone can sew !! There are little embroidered antennae on each bug that are a bit hard to make out in the photo. 

These gorgeous hair accessories were designed and made by my friend Jemima of Tied with a Ribbon. Jemima is a super talented, hard-working designer, and all round good egg. The mini- pattern for these is available wholesale through Creative abundance or through Jemima's shop. 

Pop a comment in the comment box to go into today's draw. Look at that lovely bunch of goodies.

Happy Monday !