Saturday, October 29, 2011

I thought I was done

I really did.

After maybe a month or more and half a zillion attempts, I thought she was super duper ready to share,

But that anal gene tells that the almost finished dress needs one final tweak, (and different binding). So I'll cut out another dress and lining, which means I have to cut out and sew and french knot all those mushrooms (again) .

and just when you don't need it - I had an idea

Which led to another idea ,which means everything will take a bit longer than I first thought. So finished once again turns out to be a relative term.

yeah Ok... and she still had a pin in her brain -obviously I was going to deal with that .

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Not-blogging" or yes there are giant pink strawberries on my pyjamas

  • When I am "not-blogging" I'm usually at work. Four days of the week are spent at the day job, hanging with the kids and the books. This week I spent time drying out and destroying books damaged by last weekends crazy storm. I will never be someone who can blog everyday, and really, I'm not that interesting most of the time.

  • This week a lot of my "not-blogging" has involved spending time in the garden with Finnigan (Dog of Wonder) and also spending an inordinate amount of time mopping! How such a small dog can turn one bowl of water into 25,000 litres of piddle is beyond me. Does he have a super-power?

  • Some "not-blogging" also needs to be blamed on the newly vegetarianised Master Connor. I have had to put a LOT more effort into meals, and we are all eating vegetarian every second night to make it easier. The worst thing is spending hours making something that looks great and is full of great ingredients...only to find it tastes like crap. (If you have a go-to , fail safe vege recipe that you would be happy to share, please email).

  • Yesterdays "not-blogging" involved visiting Granny Boo in hospital - and all the awfulness of a very deaf very old fragile person in the medical system. Mr Ric Rac's dad is also in hospital at the moment, in the next town from Granny, so there is all kinds of family-crazy going on , as you can imagine.

  • A tiny bit of "non-blogging" has been spent sewing.

  • Some "non-blogging" has involved donating to this Auction over on the book of faces.

  • Todays "non-blogging" has involved me swearing at bloggers inability to upload photos. I tried approximately 30,000 times but some weird internal error is preventing photos...and I realise this probably makes the title of this post redundant - but I don't care. Blogger can disapear up its own backside today for al I care.

  • I'm going to boil the kettle and get on with a bit more "not-blogging'.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Your fancy ?

After an impromptu "staff meeting' with Annie today, I got fired up and back into the sewing room.
I fiddled with a few frocks in between Finn-play and took some photos.

and dreamt undersea dreams .

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011


the dogs of wool

Yep.......cracking myself up......

Friday, October 14, 2011

In the night garden

Just playing silly-buggers when I should be doing something else.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In my world

One day a few years ago I "met" a woman called Vic when she won a giveaway on my blog, we once got to hangout for a little bit while I played hooky from my stall at the craft show. We laughed, with Jess and Kate and talked Teddy bears and hugging and food and kids and craft and preserved bread rolls
I read Vic's blog and she reads mine and we chat and we sometimes hello or "like' on bookface. In my mind Vic is one of my friends - she is just one I don't see very often.
Recently on my blog I mentioned my obsession with Little Red Riding Hood .

Badabing badaboom !

So Vic, just whips up a work of art....does the redbubble thing and has it sent to me! I was (and still am) totally floored. I have no concept of how works like this are created and you all know I have no drawing genes at all, but you know, the time folks and the effort and the thought-that's what kills me. And yes I do tend to get a bit Oprah when talking about blogging and blog community , and yes I know the shitty bits, but on most days, blogland and the people in it and their complete unbound generositywill go a bloody long way to curing what ails you.

Vic, you are a damn fine egg .

Thank you, I adore it. It elicits smiles every time I look at it and today it is off to the framers!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Granny Boo

My last little breath of weekend before going back to school for term 4 involved finishing off this little girl for un upcoming fundraiser
Teaching some great people how to make legless, faceless dogs (actually I taught them the legs and faces too - we just didn't make it to the finish line)

and celebrating Granny's 103rd Birthday!

(Mr Ric Rac's granny, known as Granny-Boo born in 1908.)

Friday, October 7, 2011

pardon the arse crack

Quilt quilt quilt...blah blah blah.
The real issue here is those pants. PULL THEM UP- YOU OWN BELTS DUDE!...Who started this crap anyway ? More importantly when will it end ?

I seriously do not want to be in the nursing home looking out of one good but watery eye and seeing some old codger with 6 inches of Y-front poking up out of his flannel P.J's. If it is you there next to know where its going don't you ? I'm going to turn to you, my octogenarian blog-buddy and with a small smile, I'm going to whisper..."let's dack that sucker"

Will you be with me?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Adelaide (the softie that took 27 months)

Adelaide the fox - first dreamt of in July of 2009

Could you love her ?