Sunday, December 23, 2012

Choose your own adventure


1. Jodie is such a caring person, full of the spirit of Christmas. She lovingly cut and pasted personalised gift tags for all her Christmas gifts.


2. Jodie forgot to buy gift tags and refuses to go anywhere a near a shop so she hacked up the weekend newspaper to make gift tags for the family Kris Kringle (and the rest of the non-public gifts have people’s name written on the wrapping in sharpie)

may your halls be decked..if hall decking is your thing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Rotate–felt

felt1When I tried to purchase a pack of felt from Sandra of Winterwood during AQM , so I could use it as a Tuesday Rotate giveaway…she gave it to me !How nice is that?

I have spoken before about the absolute deliciousness of 100% wool felt  and you know that I use it all the time. I do tend to bang on about it but really, once you use it you will be a convert too.


Even though I buy my felt in larger pieces, there is just something so appealing about a stack of felt squares isn’t there? I find myself imagining a little creature to make for every single colour

Little bears and forest creatures and aquamarine floaty kind of under the sea thingsfelt3

There are no hoops to jump through…just tell me of a little felt creature you would like to see come to life to be in the running to win this felt.


Jude will be standing by to pick a winner next week- and don’t be fooled, he isn’t really reading that sticker – he can’t read upside down.


(last weeks winner is Christina Lowry of Christina Lowry designs.

I have to say I loved reading all the comments about books…as a library chick I read a lot of books and I hardly ever blog about it – it was nice, I might do it again)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Are you on the ball?

juggling lots of balls?

keeping all your balls in the air?

Behind the eight ball?

having a ball?

Is the ball in your court?parliament

I dropped the ball so long ago I don’t even know where to begin looking for it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Rotate -

Quite some time ago, Penguin Publishing asked me if I would like to receive review copies of books to chat about on the blog. Hello ! I said yes, they sent me a craft book and I reviewed it and gave it away. Then nothing for ages and ages. All of a sudden a few weeks ago these beauties arrived in the mail. Picnic at Hanging Rock and I can Jump Puddles.

No explanation. They don’t even send a cover letter, so I have no idea if the expect me to give them away or what, but I feel better about giving them away so I will.


The blurb states that “Penguin Books is excited to launch the Australian Children’s Classic series. This beautiful Collection re-imagines our country’s most enduring stories for new readers to discover and old fans to revisit with affection.”

These books are very beautiful, the bindings are gorgeous and the quality is fantastic.

I remember a teacher reading I can jump puddles aloud each afternoon when I was in about Grade 5. I adored it ! It was my favourite part of every single day. Do you know I can’t even picture the teachers face but I can close my eyes and describe to you in detail the hospital that Alan stayed in as described in the book.

How about you – do you have book or a picture in your mind from a book that has stayed with you from when you were a kid? Let me know and I'll pick someone at random to win these two beautiful books.

(and if I had to be critical, I do think the covers look too ‘young’ for the contents of the book. From a library perspective,I think they will appeal to kids to young for the content , but maybe that's my 100 yrs in a Primary school that renders me conservative- Do you know the stories? What do you think?)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pop Up Shop Ballarat.

On Friday night I went to the very busy evening Launch of the Pop-Up shop in Ballarat. Forgive the photos, it was inside at night and it was packed !ps1







I wish I could show you what I bought, but it is so obviously a present for someone who reads my blog that I am going to refrain. There was so much goodness to choose from.

I had a little flier for the Pop Up shop in my handbag so we all know where that is now (or rather we don’t know …grrrr) So I am going to wing it a bit and tell you it is open every day until Sunday from 12 – 4pm and also Friday evening.

You can check out more photos and stuffs on Bookface.

It is a fantastic initiative and well worth popping in for a visit. It is at the Backspace gallery which is the Camp Street side of the Art gallery.

If I get my you-know-what together, I’ll be back with Tuesday Rotate tomorrow.

Be well people of the internets (and lock your doors).

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Really Robbered

There is so much to tell you , AQM, Pop-up shop, Tuesdays Rotates x 4… too much so I will start with the newest.

Last night someone came into our house and robbered us while we were asleep. They took my handbag and Mr Ric Rac’s wallet. The iPad, the camera , all the stuff sitting nearby wasn’t touched. I’m guessing they were hoping for cash.

So… it’s annoying and we spent a lot of time on the phone to the banks etc. this morning. As the day wore on, I kept thinking about other things like my sunglasses, my purse full of receipts, my very attractive work badge, my actual wallet and I got a bit crankier with each new hassle.

and then it dawned on me….. They stole my handbag !!!  I’m going to have to make a new one. Do they think I have time for that ? How rude. I think it might just be time to buy a handbag like normal people do.


I believe someone is a little embarrassed.