Monday, July 30, 2007

Vanity thy name is Jodie

More on the quilt show !!

I had a great time at the show picking up little bits and pieces as we worked our way through row H, had some scones G, F, E a few fat quarters , kind of like fabric foreplay really, as I knew where I was heading....Row D !!! Patchwork on Central Park !!!

I $pent $ome $erious time at this $tall..............and who wouldn't?

These fabrics by Kristen Doran are just so good - I love every single one of them . They also had fabrics by the delightfully talented Shannon over at Aunty Cookie (all of which I already own). My favourite of Kristen's fabrics was the only photo I fluffed ........... ( to blog midweek I have to lay all my stuff out the night before in front of the window and hope the sun comes out for a photo before work, so I am never sure if I have a good photo until it is too late to try again). I think I'll make a cushion with it, I might save the photo till I have done something !!!

So where does the vanity kick in ? why right about Row B where they have ribbon printing while you wait. EEEEEEEEKKKKK type cute. I fussed and bothered for a full 1 minute before deciding I had to have some but wasn't sure what to put on it, Ric-Rac? what if I change blogs??? So I decided to keep it simple......

I may have been a little exhausted or simply bathing in the post fabric- buying glow or maybe I am truly vain but lets just say I think I have enough here to keep me labelling gifts until I am about 90 !

(maybe just bit more from the show tomorrow if you can stand it )


  1. such cute fabric! I wish I was in Melbourne and able to have gone to the Craft Fair. Love the labels too!!

  2. HaPpY BiRthDaY JoDie! Hope you had a lovely day and did alot for yourself and enjoyed!!!!!!!
    Love MeL!!!!

  3. Printed ribbons while you wait? How fantastic! I'd be the same in finding it hard to decide.

  4. Bring it on - more Fair chatter is just what I like.

  5. You're making me jealous - I missed the craft show this year!

    Happy Birthday Jodie

  6. What adorable fabrics!


  7. So glad you like my fabric, you are making me blush! Would love to see what you make from them.

  8. I love your name labels.Tres cool!!

  9. Jodie. Jodie. Jodie. Boy.. we could sure do with some of those here at Mikes... because we are all very happy and pleased to know YOU.. because you are kind and sweet and generous. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for your extreme loveliness! xx pip

    ps - my word verification code when i am about to post this says 'fucsax'!!!!! RUDE!

  10. love the ribbon - want the ribbon! ooooh!!

  11. love the fabric with the kids playing jump rope, you have a lovely blog

    kawaii crafter


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