Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stable Mates

 Stable Mates

My personal favourite, the Palomino because he reminds me so much of the very spirited (naughty as hell ) horse I had as a girl called Chappie. 

 The donkey, because donkeys are totally awesome. 

The skewbald and piebald because I love paint horses!!  Love !!
You guys know I tried and failed at an Appaloosa but these guys mollify me somewhat.

Felt saddles and vinyl bridles to keep everyone in line of course,

and the unicorn... because every freakin' person in the universe seemed to want a unicorn added to the pattern.

A rug, because sometimes horses and donkeys need a rug.  
This pattern is available wholesale through Creative Abundance, retail in all good stores and as an instant download in my Etsy store.

Winners of the giveaway week (in no particular order) are:
Witch on the barn
Sue Niven
Fiona Forsyth
Simple Stitches

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday - sewing school

Here we are at the end of the giveaway week.

This quilt was made for me by the wondrously talented Rita of Red Pepper quilts. I know I have banged on about Rita before but I really admire her.
Not only is she crazy talented but she is extremely hard working and an all round good-egg.
Rita HAND PIECED this quilt for me - Yep. You can read all about it on her blog.
Seriously she did this in a weekend !!!

Thanks for popping in and joining me this week guys. I hope you have enjoyed checking everything out and I guess at least some of you will be happy when I pick all the winners tomorrow.

The final giveaway is a fat quarter bundle of the whole Sewing School range plus the four patterns that coordinate with it.
Cheers Guys !

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday - sewing school

Saturday - A day of errands and housework (and snippets of sewing time)

This little knitting bag was a sneaky make by my friend Anne of Said With love,

It all started when my friend Alison of Cotton Factory offered to make me the Cutest little EPP thing ! We weren't sure what she was going to make but she is addicted to fussy cutting so I just gave her the fabric and off she went. 

Despite Alison being sworn to unreleased-fabric secrecy, Anne got wind of this and begged the scraps of Alison so I ended up with the cute knitting bag as well as an awesome mini. Sneaky friends !!

Today's giveaway is a FQ of each of the Hexie prints plus a copy of the Great Scott pattern.

Hope your Saturday is going great. I'll be back tomorrow with the big finale !!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday - Sewing School

Friday !!!!

I am guessing it is not the done thing to have a favourite print in your own collection... but I can tell you that this was the first print I ran out of when I was sewing things for market.

This dress was made for me by my friend Carole and it is a work of art. It is lined and there is not a thread or an exposed edge anywhere inside, it is absolutely stunning. I kept unzipping it at market to show people how beautifully it was tailored. Carole's daughter now gets to wear this and it fits her like a glove. 

This is the Small World Suitcase, made in the mint colourway. I give away a lot of the samples I make for market - lest I end up on an episode of hoarders but this suitcase I have kept. I love it !!

Today's giveaway is a copy of the small world suitcase pattern

plus a 1/2 m of each of the knitting needle prints. 

2 more days to go !!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday - Sewing School

It's panel day ! The Sewing School panel is a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure panel. 

Sorry about the crummy picture, I borrowed it off the innernets.

I used the panel to make cute rosettes,

stuffed toys
cushions, and a quilt. 
You could use it for pretty much anything !
Today's giveaway is for a panel in the blue colorway 
 plus your own little set of rosettes that I have already made for you,

and a FQ of each colour of the Pin design.

What would you use the panel for ?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday - Sewing School

Wednesday - Happy Hump Day

Jemima of Tied with a Ribbon made her awesome Starstruck quilt in Sewing School fabric !! How cute do the little girls look? Jemima also loaned me this quilt to take to Houston and send along to Birmingham.

While she was making the quilt, she rustled up this Sew Along pattern (by both Jemima and Claire) called Pin Pal and I love it !!! What you can't see is the quilting in silver thread. It is the perfect pin cushion and thread catcher all in one. 

Today's giveaway is a FQ of each of the little girl prints plus a copy of Spanner the Dog pattern.

Just leave a comment and stay tuned !

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday - Sewing school

How is the start of the week treating you?

This is  a not-great photo of the fantastic Sewing Kit quilt that Claire Turpin designed using Sewing School fabric. Claire is super talented and makes really the best totally fun quilts ! This quilt is currently on it's way to Birmingham where Ella Blue will be taking part in the CHSI Stitches show. 

Today's giveaway is a little larger, a half metre piece of each of the text prints.
The text print is funny ! It has boo-boos and made up words just like all the writing I see at real school!

Just leave a comment to be in the running. I think I might draw all the winners at the end of the week. 
have you got anything exciting planned for this week?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday - Sewing School

Heya friends, It seems that Sewing School is beginning to arrive in stores, here and in the US so I thought what better way to nag you all into submission than to have a giveaway.

So I am, I am going to give away some sewing school stuff every day until Sunday ! There will be little giveaways and big giveaways. 

The first giveaway is four FQ's of the Scottie print. When I was a kid my Nan had a funny vinyl Scottie Dog that she used as a pin cushion. (Of course now I think that is truly weird- it would wreck your pins!) As a kid I love that strangely smelling little dog and when I was designing this range I just knew I had to include Scottie Dogs.
How cute are the little Scottie Overalls that Jane of Lil Pip Designs made for my booth !

My Nan didn't have a cactus pincushion but I will also include a Totally cactus pattern , cause I am nice like that ! 
There are no hoops to jump through , just leave a comment.

(and yes I know I haven't announced the horsey pattern winner yet... I am still cogitating on it )

See you tomorrow !

Saturday, February 4, 2017

and now for the boring bit

I am getting super close to working out all the variations in this little equine group and I have spent today working on the pattern. Pattern writing is the dullest dullest writing ever. I seem to start every second sentence with "pin and sew the blah-blah blah" or "with right sides together blah blah blah".

and a name for this pattern?  - not a freakin' clue. Do you guys want to name it for me? Winner could win... something ... fun.... like the pattern and a complete kit for their choice of horse/unicorn/donkey.
Sound like a deal ?
I knew I could count on you guys.

(Nicola Potts is the winner but she is a "no reply" commenter so I hope she sees this).