Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Piscari Cattus


starting cats




A New Creative card. Cute but useless as is my wont.

So the burning questions are:

Do we have one or two cats on the cover ? and without any pussy jokes what will we call it?

You know, fat little felt animals  are good for what ails you.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To the tune of ‘fat bottomed girls’…HIT IT !

I am just a crafty chic
With a taste for nice fabric
But I take pics before I leave my sewing room.
I sew a lot of stuff
And I fill that stuff with fluff
crafty people, make the blogging thing worthwhile .
Oh, can you see me sew tonight?
Oh down beside Bernina’s light
Oh I will give it all I got,
Craft-minded girls you make the blogging world go round
Craft-minded girls you make the blogging world go round .
I’ve been following the blogs
Sharin’ photos of my dog,
I’ve seen many crafty fads along the way,
But their beauty and their style
Wear kinda smooth after a while
Give me sewin’, give me stuffin’ every time
Oh, can you see me sew tonight?
Oh down beside Bernina’s light
Oh I will give it all I got,
Crafty people you make the blogging world go round
Crafty people you make the blogging world go round
Now I’ve just turned forty-four
No spring chicken anymore
Ain’t no beauty queens in this locality
Oh but I still got my sewin’
It gets my juices flowin’
Crafty people, thanks for hanging
out with me.
(and from the back catalogue you can revisit forty-three

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A quickie

   Today I headed in to Melbourne to get set up for the Craft and Quilt fair. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a guest of Catharina’s Vintage Stitches on stand C15. I’ll be there everyday, and it would be awesome if you came and said Hi (I am always terrified no-one will speak to me at these kinds of things).
I snapped a few quick photos today (with permission)cameron-james
and stopped to tell this booth how much I loved their critters- only to realise it was Stephanie, who I had email conversations with about the show and her creatures before. These patterns make me want to be able to knit (but you guys know what I am like with the string crafts).
penny doll
Photos at these kinds of things are notoriously difficult to take, but how cute are these sausage dogs ? Booth D26
washi wall
and if you speak washi – you will be in some kind of heaven.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crafty Hijinks

Do you guys know Gillian of Silly Gilly? many bloggy moons ago, there was a picnic in Ballarat in honour of Trash’s visit to Australia. It was a hoot.
Recently Gillian and I were talking about the picnic and it was decided that we should have another. So we have booked a hall (Ballarat weather being somewhat inclement) , set a date and found someone to organise the lunch.
Do you want to come along? It is going to be very low-key but lots of fun. Its a day just for hanging out, chatting, laughing and crafting. Its early days, but we have a local shop setting up a stall for the day, some door prizes and plans for goody bags.
You don’t have to be cool or groovy or particular friends with anyone – You just need to be a blogger-its that simple. Come in a group or come along on your own.  Have you ever wondered what a blog meet is like? Well there is often a bit of girly shrieking, a lot of laughter and that funny kind of coded talk we do where we call each other our blog names.hijinks
If you would like to come along, you just need to buy a ticket ( a ticket? yep, the cost of the ticket will cover the hall hire, sandwiches and slice for lunch, goody bags and anything else that we organise between now and then) A veritable bargain at $21.50.
If you are a businessy blogger and would like to put something (with your business card) into the goody bags, or you would like to donate a small door prize. Just drop me an email. We already have some fabric and I’ll probably add a toy or two to the mix.
(Now I know there is someone out there thinking “oh man that sounds like fun, but I won’t know anyone and what will I wear and what if no-one talks to me? so email me, I’ll hold your hand and we’ll have a great day)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Poking bruises

Do you poke bruises? After a few days do you give it a poke to see if it still hurts?
Well I poked the crochet bruise this morning.
Yep, I still suck.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winnie and Pip: Horsing around

When they are not saving lives,
Winnie and Pip are roping steers and riding their wild brumbies (taffy and Starlight) throught the wide open plains.
( cue odd fact: Did you know I am a 'horsey' person? I grew up with horses and lived on horsback for years. Back in the youthful days of invincibility I jumped things and chased things and took my horse to parties with me... I was a hoon on horseback)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Buses, wankers and superpowers

I went for a ride on the bus and took my 'bus-craft' with me

I settled in and got organised ......only to find I had neglected to pack a needle.

So I spent my time listening to Val, talk to Tracey about Sean. "He's a good boy, Sean. He doesn't mean those things. He's always been a bit fiery you know, ever since he was a little tacker" The conversation went on....and on ...... and on.....and then Val rang Sean to talk about Tracey. 'Well thats just the way she is Sean, some girls are like that- it'll all work out".

Just between you and me (and Tracey.)

Sean is a wanker.

( I could tell...its like a superpower)

Maybe when my LSL ends I could hire myself as a wanker detector? I could team it with my insane olfactory prowess and not only save you from a bad relationship but also let you know when the milk is on the turn ! A two for the price of one deal.

Whats your superpower? Maybe we could form a posse and have a hidden clubhouse and fight crime or wankers or really bad craft together. You just know my first thought is COSTUMES !!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PDF’s and Stuff

The whole PDF “thing” has become a bit of a big deal hereabouts. I know a lot of you struggle to find my patterns locally and others just want that instant gratification of a PDF: I get a lot of requests for PDF patterns. they are a “win” for the customer. On the other hand shops selling paper patterns struggle against the cheap cost of PDF’s and certainly can’t compete at price point. I have no idea how to keep everyone happy, and the whole thing has been festering away in my mind for a while.
For now I have added my new pattern Owl & Penguin & Duck to my craftsy store.  This pattern uses wool or polar fleece primarily so it doesn’t really fit into patchwork shops (where obviously patterns are there to help sell fabric) so I am Ok with making this one a PDF.  I have some others that will eventually become PDF’s, things are made with  non-cotton fabrics or things that are just more suitable to the PDF format. (Underpants embroidery at last?)
(photo courtesy of Liz Mcmahon)
Do you have the answers to the PDF dilemma? Do you have the answers to keeping everyone happy?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

They got skills, they're multiplyin'

Today was awesome !!

Awesome kids made awesome toys with awesome helpers in an awesome setting.

We laughed, we made fart jokes and might have worn our unstuffed toys as masks.

I recommend all of the above.