Monday, July 9, 2007

Getting nowhere fast

Apart from the mammoth felting day I seem to have been just diddling along and get nowhere in the craft stakes.
So with the rest of this week not at work , here goes.

  • I need to come up with a basic boy doll and girl doll shape for a project i said i would do with Grades 5 and 6 at school. My plan is that each child will create a doll with their own face on it. I have 5 two hour sessions - This is my gorgeous niece Rosie who agreed to be my proto-type face. We will paint on the basic clothing and then embellish after that..... This is a non - negotiable must do craft for this week.

  • This bag needs to be finessed (actually started might be a better term. )I have done nothing but cut it out and make but not yet quilt the straps.
  • These two bags need linings, pockets and straps - like hardly anything really.

  • Poor little Poppy is still nude but she is all sewn up and even eventually got a tail.

Today at the op shop I got the cutest bag ! It kind of fits in with my coat hanger collection so it may end up on the wall I think. It is made of all those little chopped up bits of plastic. aaaaah what a craft !!!

The BIG project that I have bought all the fabric for involves a hacksaw, bolts, nuts, screws, staple gun - lots of fabric and crossed fingers. I haven't started yet but I am determined to do it - Can't wait to show you (if it works of course).

Also have some crazy stripey legged dolls and hedgehogs slam-dancing in my brain this week as well. They may just have to be happy with being consigned to a piece of paper somewhere for another day at this rate.


  1. Love the idea of the dolls, good luck with the pattern.
    You have some sewing ahead of you.

  2. What a cute little monkey :)

  3. Those ruffly bags look so cute and Poppy is adorable! I definitely want to buy a pattern when they're available! ~A :-)

  4. Hi Guys,
    Angela please don't get the idea that I am some mad pattern producer- I have only ever produced three. I have some I have been working on for two years - because they are spectacular ? No , because I hate writing instructions. I'll post proper pics of the bags tomorrow with some "wing-it" instructions....
    I believe Poppy may never make to the baby she was intended for.......


Hellloooooo !!!!