Tuesday, May 31, 2011

free kick

X-ray of the head tomorrow.........

O.K. your turn - bring on the empty vessel jokes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's not often I break out the pom-poms

I'm in a new-toy making frenzy at the moment - mind you it is a long drawn out old-sick-lady paced frenzy but a frenzy nonetheless. This coming weekend I am heading over to Daylesford with Kristen and Melly. Saturday is all sold out but I think Merrilyn can squeeze a few more people in on Sunday if you want to come along. After the weekend I will have two new patterns to share, a sensible grown-up one and a not-so-sensible one...no prizes for guessing my favourite!

and the new toys? Well part of me hopes they might just piss people off !

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

All in one go.

Last week through the land of Bookface I learnt that Textile Traders had started to stock my patterns and the patterns of other designers from Creative Abundance. I had heard of textile traders through the WA bloggers who rave about them, but I had no idea how big they were. They have 11 stores and they stock everything you can possible need -including fake turf. (I am strangely drawn to fake turf but that is a whole other story). They have a great video on their site and oodles and oodles of information. I am dead jealous there is not a Textile traders over here in Victoria. (actually in Ballarat would be perfect). Anyway they are having a promotion right now Buy 2 get 1 free on all their patterns, including mine and the other Creative Abundance chicky-babes, so its a good time to buy if you are a WA crafter.The promo runs until June 4th. In fact the weekend at Sewjourn made me realise once again how much we lack a good all-round fabric shop in Ballarat..one for garment fabrics I mean - we are not lacking in the patchwork fabric shops at all.

I am struggling tonight with a toothache and a very non-productive visit to the dentist who tells me nothing is wrong, so I will just say that : Sewjourn + teaching at Drapers of Mt Macedon = exhaustion of the most laughter-filled kind.

Winners of Nikki's book = Mistea + Lynne + naturally carol

Me + drugs = a decent nights sleep (I hope)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sewjourn (again)

yep, I am off to Sewjourn again
and while it would be awesome if you could all come along....
how about I share a bit of "Nikki" with you all instead.
While I am off at Sewjourn with the real-life Nikki, you guys can leave a comment and win one of three copies of her book that I have to giveaway.
Nikki's book has prompted the wonderful Tanya to embark on a Julie/Julia journey and she is sewing her way through the book. Really, can higher praise be given to a craft book? Nikki's book is much like Nikki herself, its good-looking, friendly, accessible and full to the absolute brim with hints tips, and easier, neater smarter ways of doing things.

There is no jumping through hoops required to enter but I would love to hear your experience of Nikki's patterns, the book, or any Nikkiness you'd like to share- even if it is just that you read her blog. I have to say I think I must have made about 20 of Nikki's tiny purse pattern over the years - it is definitely my go-to gift (for those people crazy enough to not want toys).
and right now I am still in my P.J's, everything is piled by the door ready for the car to be loaded, the baked goods are baked and the last minute additions are added, I just need to get myself moving !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Minutes - staff Meeting 1

Apologies: See previous post for comments

Attendance : Annie, Deborah, Bellinda, Rachael, Jan, Lizzie, Me.

The first staff meeting was held yesterday and it was awesome fun. I think all staff meetings should involve the purchasing of fabric and the eating of fine food.Upon arrival, attendees received their badges, unfortunately we didn't have a president but Jan admirably took on the role of Vice president. We also had a Tea-lady and a Work Experience girl. I was very sad to see that we had not attracted a rich patron, but who knows? Maybe at the next meeting.

The first order of business was the purchasing of fabric and it was noted that all staff performed admirably in this area. Some staff may have actually helped themselves to the yet-to-be-unwrapped bolts and one particularly zealous staff member went so far as to "help" by opening some boxes herself. (and no it wasn't me).

After that we headed next door for lunch and got down to business. Discussions ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other and the difficult questions were posed. "What is the difference between a mug-rug and a coaster?" Bold statements were made: " I just don't speak Bunting" and new ideas formed.

It was a perfect day for a get-together and great fun to meet Bellinda ,I can't wait to do it again - although the calendar is looking a little scary at the moment. I'm off to sewjourn again this weekend but don't be jealous, its not all swanning about and crafty holidays - I am teaching Reuben the Donkey at the Drapers of Mt Macedon on Saturday.

other than that I'll be working on numbers four five and six of a brand new toy. His name is Algar (of course) and I really really like him.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Staff Meeting

Dear holders of the stakes, you are all invited to the first staff meeting ( any excuse for a crafty day out) on Saturday 14th May at the beautiful Millrose Cottage in Ballan.
11.30 at the patchwork shop, followed by lunch next door if you are interested. Items for the agenda can be emailed through and will be added to the list. Everybody is welcome and it is well worth the drive from Daylesford, Geelong or Melbourne. Drop me an email if you are coming and I'll make a booking for lunch. For those further away I shall try and remember my camera this time and post the illustrated minutes here ASAP.

And actual craft ? well it has been a bit light on it has to be said, I'm just kind of noodling along, making a few samples and waiting once again for the next bolt of inspiration to hit. I seem to be stuck in second gear, unable to rev up and do anything. I'd like to tell you that I am appreciating this time of quiet and that I am learning a new slower perspective and thinker deeper thoughts....I am beginning to understand the creative rhythms and truly appreciate the beauty of quieter times that allow the mind to rest and the spirit to regenerate. I'd also like to tell you I am a size 8 supermodel !

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Please excuse Jodie from blog attendance today.
She had the best of intentions,
but the Grim fandango's are rehearsing here today
and a mothers love can only extend so far before her ears begin to bleed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baxter had long given up on the idea of a great romance...

A bit of my sewing turned into computering and at long long last I have added Baxter's story to the blog in the correct readable order (as opposed to the way it was posted). It's up there just under the header. Funnily enough it was the sewing of a little herd of hedgehogs that made me realise he has been missing for a while.I think (but don't hold me to it) that Baxter will be the next pattern...he is all done and ready and ...you know...I'm just not sure. I wonder if he should have clothes. At the moment he is just a naked little hairy hedgehog on his own. I love him of course but I wonder if he is enough? Maybe I need to add the floofy hat to the pattern, or the little tuxedo bib? (with actual buttons in place of the pins)
I can't tell you how much I would love to add his little bathroom ensemble but "Get a scrap of fabric from your scrap bin and wrap it around Baxter's head" is probably not an acceptable instruction.

and Master 16 would not even enter the discussion " Mum, seriously, you are waaaayyy too attached to that hedgehog".So go on, why not go and read his story and let me know if you have any thoughts.(and just for the record I love all my toys equally - there are no favourites....)