Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nobody said life (or blogging) was fair

The busier I get, the more I do , the less time there seems to be share it here on the blog.
I'm trying to wrap up the fox pattern and the polar bear pattern (an old one) and a new beginner pattern and a number of heads on sticks are calling me...

So, I get busy
and you my patient friends get Butts !
(But I give them with love)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Heads 1 - 5 (or diversion up ahead)

The heads on sticks have had to be patient this week as the evenings were full of dull-work.
That little head on the right is so full of possibilities - Is he another little hand sewn fellow? Or is he someone else altogether? 

 I can't help thinking of blue linen dungarees.
(Which is not where I thought I was going at all)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

H is for Hippo

I really don't know if I am done yet

 As is always the case, the more I make, the more ideas I have and the more I want to make and I feel the pressure of not-enough-time and too many ideas. I am not really complaining, it is a great problem to have and far far preferable to the no-ideas times.
I just want to make everything small and hand sewn with befuddled little inquiring heads, and chubby tummies and wibbly limbs.

This puzzled little man is also available on sale in my pattern shop using the code verysmallbusiness until tomorrow morning. Thanks to the people who have popped in and thanks for the love for the new friends. I was very unsure about these guys, thinking they might have been just a for-me kind of toy so I am super pleased that you like them too.

A winner of the brooch kit Crafty Squirrel giveaway ?

There are heads impaled on needles calling me.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I am not really here- Saturday sale

In actual fact I am mid-Saturday so that means visiting, sewing, gardening ( Annieflowergarden just passed out) and all sorts of busy stuff.
This morning I went to visit my friend Morgan at The Crafty Squirrel to help celebrate Small Business Day. I fell in love with this sample of an embroidered brooch so bought myself a little kit by dandelyne -
And I bought you guys one as well.
I thought I might join in the fun and am having a sale in my big cartel shop for the rest of the weekend, the code verysmallbusiness will get you 20% off all patterns and creative cards. ( yes the giraffe and elephant are there too)
So, what would you embroider in your little brooch kit?
A winner will be picked tomorrow and I'll send them a little Crafty Squirrel pack of goodies.
Now, back to Saturday.....

Thursday, October 17, 2013

E is for

 Elephant (of course)

I love how those stray bits of stuffing look like crazy baby elephant hair.

How many little hand sewn felt animals does it take to create an obsession?

I'll tell you when it wears off !

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

G is for genetic

Some giraffes are rainbow.... they are just born that way.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

G is for.....


and "get back to work".

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The post in which I do not sell shower cleaner (Tuesday Rotate)

A recent (very weird) series of shower-cleaner emails got me thinking about all the blog-selling stuff and it made me realise that I have fallen off the blog-sharing wagon a bit. 
So without further ado - I reinstate Tuesday Rotate (the very sporadic series in which I shut-up about myself for 5 minutes and talk about someone else).
I have been wracking my brain trying to think of the very first time I met Michelle... was it at a "staff meeting"? A crafty gathering? No idea. Suffice to say I met Michelle a few years ago when her business Bok Bok Bgerk had only a few designs in the range and the whole thing could fit in her handbag ! Michelle is local to me so I tend to see her around the traps at markets and things - but to be honest I mostly stalk her on Instagram.
When I saw this little foxy beauty on Instagram I knew it had to be mine, and on Sunday I popped into the Design Market here in town and snaffled it up. I own quite a few of Michelle's brooches now.

How much do I love the feathers? I think a green feather might be next.

Michelle also has an earring of the month club- Don't you think that's a great present idea - I like the bi-monthly one myself. A new pair of earring for someone every two months. A birthday all year long!
Anyway apart from that, Michelle is an awesome , warm, friendly hard working crafter and I thought you might like to meet her.

(This post is not 'gifted', 'sponsored', 'suggested'or 'made possibly by anyone except me...... and if I get one more email about sharing shower cleaning products on my blog, I will review the bloody shower cleaner. 
Be careful what you wish for Mr shower cleaning product man)