Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Rockpool

Hello !
Today I am going to share the awesome quilt that Clare Horsman of Clare's Place designed. The quilt is called Mod Charms.

This quilt is just beautiful ! Clare sent me some progress shots as she was making and I was so excited to see it finished. 

Clare is a great designer, you can see all her creativity on her website. Clare also works with Creative Abundance and she is seriously the most awesome human being. It seems silly to say that she is super-nice, but she is. She finds the good in everything (and everyone).
I don't get to see her very often but I love it when we get together.

Clare took some awesome shots of rockpool before she cut into it.

This is a closeup of the small version of the quilt - how good do those pebbles look? There are three quilt sizes included in the pattern.

Today's prize will be a FQ of each of the pebble prints in the collection plus a copy of Clare's quilt pattern. To enter, just leave a comment. All winners will be notified and announced at the end of the week.
Please pop over and visit Clare's page and check out all of the great designs. 
(I also love her gridlock quilt).

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Birthday -yeah 48 (I had to check)

It's my birthday - and the start of Rockpool week - does life get any more exciting than this ?
To celebrate and because I haven't done it for ages- there is 25 % off all patterns in my shop, including all these rockpool dudes below

 Gary and Glen 


Little Boats

Sea Stars

Pin whale

Stay tuned my friends, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

and the beat goes on....

 I don't think I am winning at the moment - I feel like I am getting nowhere. I work faster and faster and yet....

 It is totally fine of course, I know by now, that the lack of output is cyclical. I need to rest or slow down or something before the next big idea takes over my brain. You guys all know I am not good at slow or resting but I am trying!!

 I popped in to let you know that Rockpool is shipping and in stores in Australia (I haven't heard about the US yet ) . 

That means that next week is rockpool week here on the blog and there will be posts everyday and giveaways galore !!

 Now that I have written that on the blog - it has to happen.

I'll snap out of my funk and see you on Sunday !