Sunday, March 18, 2018

Normal and boring - a giveaway


You know, there is no real news to share - which is great. A bit of normal and boring is good don't you think?
I thought I'd pop in and share my favorite print from Bug City. 

This print is called collection. I love the order of bug collecting and the labeling and the tidy rows - I do not love the killing things bit. This print was my take on a bug collection. I popped a bit into a cheap frame and it looks awesome with the bonus of not having to kill actual bugs. 

Blogger has decided this photo is next, so this is today's prize - to be in the running to win 4 FQ, 4 patterns and a pin just tell me what you would use this print for.

 Blogger would now like to show you this fantastic hat, made by my friend Bec who used to blog at Beccasauras . Now she is on instagram as becsibbi.
This is a pattern from the always awesome Nikki of You Sew Girl and you can now get her patterns from her Etsy shop !

So there you go friends, with bloggers 'help' we have another disjointed but vaguely informative blog post. 
Please leave a comment and let me know what you would use this print for.