Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another post from Mrs Big Head

In the spirit of full disclosure I must warn you that there is a danger of excessive exlamation markage in the following post. For many reasons I have waited to share this news with you guys and now I find myself a bit stuck for words.

A lot of people who read here have followed me along as I made dolls, and sold them and finally after much nagging wrote a pattern for them...and slowly followed with more patterns. They followed me as I went to Big shows and struggled a little bit with the concept that I belonged there in amongst all the "real designers".

They would know that my business plan basically consists of dealing with whatever is happening on a very ad-hoc day to day basis and fitting it in around the day-job. Those lucky enough to read between the lines, may have guessed that the whole "business bit' is not my favourite bit. Printing and folding and packing and checking invoices does not really rock my world - and more importantly, it keeps me out of the sewing room.

So, I'm not going to do it anymore !

Instead the amazing team at Creative Abundance are going to be doing all that for me. After a very surprise email asking if I was interested I met with Nel and Jaques and the control freak in me realised that they could do all that stuff a million times better than me.
They distribute for a group of very talented designers and I am truly amazed and honoured to be asked to join. Go and click on the 'very talented' link - I can't even type the names of the people involved without having small palpitations and having to clench the lady muscles lest the excitement wee escapes.
(and I am not opening the door labelled "what do you think you are doing hanging with those really truly designers you big fraud! Get back to the library).

Now, don't go getting all world domination on me you lot (especially the over-enthusiastic UK branch), its all still going to be the same, There will be toys, and not-toys and hopefully some more stories (I LOVE doing that bit) and me banging on as usual.

and if you are reading this and thinking - wow that Jodie, she seems so calm and unfazed by such freakingly amazing news....

Lets just say I am not sure if I should be wearing these on my butt or on my head.

They would fit either end quite perfectly at the moment.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

there is a winner.....

sheesh, a little trip to the supermarket, some actual baking and a start to the Hottest 100 conspired against me folks...

So without further ado...the winner (as selected by Mr Ric-Rac's number picking system) is Karen....

Yay to Karen but mostly a big giant yay to everyone for getting involved....

You are all eggs of the most outstanding quality.

tick tick tick.....

The raffle (see below) will be drawn at 12 -ish today. I add the 'ish" cause I am just as likely to forget until 3 or 4 or dinnertime.
You know this HUGE response , all over blogland really does illustrate the amazing community that lives inside our computers . All our "internet friends" doing there bit for others across the state and across the world, in turn doing their bit for their internet friends, or the friends of their internet friends.
Damn good job I say
(and could we have a round of applause for Toni and Carli who have worked so hard to bring together such a huge effort. Can you imagine the hours it would take to get all those list happening, not to mention the hundreds of emails.........)
See you at 12 - ish.
and thanks of course for coming here and entering my raffle and giving your $5 or more to the people who need it.
People are good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The worlds biggest craft group - blogland

so far !
yep, that is what has been raised so far by the crafting community, and it isn't over yet.
I know how overwhelming the sheer amount of auctions and raffles can be, and some things have skyrocketed out of my pocket-range I can tell you....but you know, those humble $5 raffle tickets are adding up.
Pop over to Jennie's blog and check out some auction/raffles that you might have a chance at winning (and don't forget Jennie's awesome auction)
If you want your heart to just melt- get on over to Teddybearswednesday and read the two posts about Colin- do you know -he volunteered to be Auctioned ?

Of course there are also hundreds of auctions in the land of facebook as well.

There are so very many people doing wondrous things.
Corrie is making quilts, people are baking and volunteering and helping the animals.
Toni is keeping everything ticking along and keeping everyone up to date with new auctions and that amazing total. Check out the asterisked items to see whats just been added today!

yep, our craft group is pretty amazing.

(and my big exciting news is just waiting....but it is coming I promise)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So - its a giveaway with conditions - Premiers Flood Relief

I am sure you all know about the devastating floods occurring in Queensland and other areas at the moment. There is nothing that I can say to add to what you already know, and there are many many stories of devastation and sadness unfolding.
Thanks to Toni of Make It Perfect, a whole heaps of bloggers are offering sales, auctions, raffles and giveaways. Toni will have a master list of all the happening up on her blog on the weekend.


For my small part I am holding a raffle / giveaway.
Please read carefully:

  • This giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you live.
  • I will cover all postage costs.
  • To enter this giveaway you must donate $5 to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.
  • You may enter as many times as you like but each entry / donation must have a separate receipt number. (eg: donate $5 ten times if you want to donate $50- then comment ten times with your receipt number and yep its a pain in the bum, but that is as fair as I can make it folks)
After you have done this , return here and leave your comment with your receipt number.
If you don't have an account to leave a comment you can click on my profile and email me your name and receipt number and I will comment for you.

I am offering this little elephant and robot as the prize - they will both go to the person randomly chosen as the winner on Wednesday 26th.

You know, my last giveaway had almost 200 comments - I wonder if they will all come back with their $5 to donate ?
I mean, is there really something better you can do with only $5 than to give it to the people affected by the floods.
I doubt it.
So come on guys, join in here or on any of the blogs that are joining in. Keep checking back with Toni as she posts updates and look out for that master list on the weekend.
And those of you who twitterbook ? get on it !!!
Please only comment here with your Receipt number... Other comments will be deleted to make the random thingo a bit easier - ta!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It will cost you.

I am joining in with Toni of Make it Perfect and whole slew of bloggers to help raise money for flood affected families.

In a few days I will be holding an online raffle. The prize will be a toy of course! An entry in the raffle is going to cost you $5 paid directly to the Flood relief appeal .

On that site you can make an online donation, and once you are done you will get a receipt number.

You then need to pop over here, and leave a comment with your receipt number and you will be entered. If my prize doesn't interest you , there will be raffles, auctions and sales popping up all over blogland - Just pop on over to Toni's blog on Friday when the master list will be up.

I'll be back tomorrow or Thursday to get the ball rolling.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Giveaway, review, sale

Just before Christmas (shocking timing) Penguin sent me an advance copy of Sew Step by Step by Alison Smith to have a look at and review.
In a nutshell, I was pretty tempted to keep this book. Its like one of those old -fashioned compendiums of sewing. It covers heaps of stuff and EVERY technique has photos - which personally is just right for me. I need to "see' what is being explained.

For example, The zip section alone covers:
How to shorten a zip
Marking for zip placement
Lapped zip
Open-ended zip
Centred zip
Concealed or invisible zip (with nine photos just for this type of zip)
Did I mention comprehensive ?
The book starts with a breakdown of sewing equipment and then a section on different fabrics that is quite fascinating, detailing the properties of each fabric and its suitability for different projects, what size needles to use - everything.
The book is available in Australia at the end of this month and has a RRP of $29.99

I'll be buying a copy, not that I sew a lot of garments but as a reference tool, I think this book is worth it. You can go here to see some more about the book.
In fact this book pointed out to me how much I don't know about sewing. All the explanations for the little signs on commercial patterns were a complete eye opener !

Of course, because even though I would have liked to keep this one, it is being given away. No jumping through hoops or twitterbooking will help, just leave a comment and make sure you are contactable through your comment.

And in a fit of organisation I re-opened my Etsy shop today and reduced all my pattern stock to $10 and $5 dollars. Jump on over and grab a few, I'll keep it open for two weeks and then I think I'll be having a little Etsy rest - so get 'em while you can compadre's.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holders of the stakes

Dear Holders of the Stakes,
I hope the start of 2011 finds you all happy, refreshed and ready for a big year ahead.
Unfortunately our sometimes employee, has definitely 'left the building' so to speak. Her Teenage Grumpiness can no longer be bribed cajoled or wheedled into folding patterns as she is no longer here at the warehouse, preferring , it would seem to share a new home with other fruity Lexia drinking people. We wish her well, whilst sniggering at the shock of 'real life'.

That of course means that an exciting career opportunity has opened up for the youngest member of Ric-Rac team. The terms and condition have been explained and the obvious benefits pointed out. The generous salary and frankly sumptuous conditions were offered in writing. The resulting two word response was a little surprising of the words was "off"

2010 saw the hawking of my wares and talking the ears of anyone who would listen - mostly about blogging and crafting but occasionally about International Toilet Paper Month and my propensity to let a little bit of wee out if I get too excited. Apart from the Great Whooping cough debacle , 2010 was pretty great. (She says, conveniently forgetting the times she wanted to stab strangers in the head with her quick-unpick)
What can the holders of stakes expect to see in 2011.... new patterns, including Baxter and Milligan and maybe the Knights of the Sewing table ( undecided there). I also have a new friend who just needs some clothes, and some sweet little un-named girls at the bottom of this post.
I'll be flying to Sydney in June to have a chat the Australian sewing Guild. I'll be guest Designer at Daylesford Craft Experience also in June with Kristen and Melly.... (cannot wait for that but holding in the wee for now)

2011 will also see something a bit new - teaching !
I'll be teaching at Ballarat Patchwork, Drapers of Mt. Macedon , Amitie and also at the New swanky studio of Nicole Mallalieu, during 2011. I shall be teaching my soon-to-be-patented sewing method of close your eyes, move your fingers and ram it through the machine. Actually I'll be teaching Parsely and Beet at Ballarat Patchwork but no idea about the other places - any ideas ?
You know, Its all a little bit exciting from where I am sitting. Yep, its also scary and intimidating in parts - but I'm happy to take that as part of the deal.

So to every single holder of the stakes, whether you are an always-commenter, a sometimes-commenter or a never-commenter, If I really know you, blog know you, might meet you , or will never likely meet you, I just want to say thanks for popping in, joining in , and making all this happen.
You guys have a lot to answer for.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Specimen One :
The crochet chain. Nothing exciting here folks, the crafter seemed to understand this concept and achieved chainage relatively quickly. There was some concern about how 'chainy' it should look and the crafter could not help but associate her tiny chain with her anal so-tight-you-can't-get-the-needle-in attempts at knitting.
Specimen Two:
The Magic Ring (and yes I laughed). This is went things began to go seriously south. First through seventeenth attempt resulted in growing confusion and spontaneous exclamations of swear words. Slow motion action replay with the help of Mr YouTube meant that this strange apparently two holed Magic ring appeared. As it grew it became more and more convoluted and appeared to grow a sub-ring from one side. The crafter grew panicky and thought maybe just some straight bits would be better.

Specimen Three:
Go on ! laugh get it out of your systems. In truth this is actually about specimen nine. The crafter seemed to have some mental block preventing anything even close to success here. The crafter is now completely unable to determine the front or the back, let alone see the 'little V's' or the chain or throw your leg over bit or which end of the friggin string she should be using.

This great book should in no way be held responsible for this crafter's lack of ability.
Nor should the wonderful Alice who wrote a great review of the book, nor should all the people in the whole bloody world, Annie, Kate, Nikki, Lara, Suzie, and the queen of creations herself, Jess who make it look so easy, feel any remorse for setting me on the track to such frustration and failure - I managed that bit all by self.
I am bowed but not beaten