Saturday, June 30, 2007

I love a good challenge !!!!

I do love blog challenges - They make me think outside the square. I am working on (mostly thinking at this stage) entries for whiplash and the Pincushion challenge at the moment and then....... HOLD the Press.

Ballarat Patchwork have just started a fantastic blog challenge.

It involves Gorgeous fabric (they give you a 6 inch square FREE) and a great prize. I saw it on Scrapbag last night and am proud to say I was number one in the list this morning, picking up my entry form and free piece of fabric......
The fabric is the beautiful Chocolate Lollipop range and the prize is 5.8mtrs of that fabric - yep 5.8 metres !!!!!! Even better they want us to incorporate yo -yo's ..........
Ever seen someone designing cushions while at the gym.....that's what I'll be doing in about 15 Minutes.
Now, I am not usually a kiss and tell kinda girl .......but me and Mr Gocco ........I think it's going to work !


  1. Hi Jodie thanks for the tip I have also signed up for the challenge.
    Christine (rooster66ian)

  2. Me too - I'm turning over ideas in my mind. Exciting holidays ahead!

  3. Thanks for the great links.
    The Ballarat Patchwork Blog challenge sounds like fun!! I might have to give it a go.


  4. OOh, very exciting! I just might be able to do it after we move! Thanks for sharing! ~A :-)


Hellloooooo !!!!