Saturday, July 14, 2007

and another one bites the dust !

And another one down and another one down and another one bites the dust !


I made this with a felted jumper. It is the same pattern as the previous post but the handles are attached to the body of the bag first and then sewn into the bottom seam. (does that make sense? ) No magnetic clasp for this one as I have fallen out of love with them lately. The bag I made for myself a while ago has a large magnetic clasp - so large in fact it is hard to open and my pulling at it has started to tear the lining - yes I can fix it but I can't be bothered. Bigger is not always better Jodie !!!

I have also been toiling away at "The Big Project". I have quilted a mass of this fabric - probably more than I will need- It is the same fabric as the bag handles - lovely patterned black - the photo has just washed it out a bit.

I want to say a huge Happy Birthday to Annie - pop on over to her Flower Garden and wish her a happy birthday- she might just give you a slice of cake....


  1. I have ben collecting selvedges for a while now....must do something with them.
    Also when Donna was in the shop your name was mentioned....stuff like nice and helpful's a small world.

  2. Great bag-love it!

  3. Thanks Jodie, I had a GREAT birthday. I had some Gardening time, some sewing time and then had a sleep over at my friends house and we watched DVD's in our jamie pants and watched DVD's while I crotcheted. It was ultimate BLISS! See you at the coal face!

  4. Hi Jodie,
    Do you think that Annie will save me a piece of your gorgeous cake.Heh.. Heh..
    Love Mel.....

  5. You are So going to get through Your List if you keep pluggin' along like you are :)


Hellloooooo !!!!