Thursday, April 23, 2015

Getting closer... sampling is on the way.

I have go stuff a monkey.

Friday, April 17, 2015

New lists, the fabric gig and how she stopped her head exploding

Make a cuppa and come back, I'll wait for you.
I thought it might be time for a catch-up. How am I ? well, thanks for asking - I am lost in a list-driven world right now. There are lists by the computer, lists on the fridge, lists in the sewing room  and a master bi-fold list on the kitchen bench, hitherto known as Studio 2 as it has not been clear of craft clutter since January and is not likely to be clear until I board that plane on the 12th of May.

There are two main types of lists. One list, lets call it the Toy List is a list of all the samples I have chosen to send to market with Creative Abundance. This list, while extensive is mostly finished and will be ticked, crossed and highlighted into oblivion by early next week when I seal the box and send them all on their way. It was really hard to choose which toys to take, it turns out that some of my favourites are not really other people's favourite. 
Two elephants, three kinder girls and some chubby birds stand between me and the end of that list. Doable !

The sub-lists are tricky little suckers, they include things like; buy 3 weeks worth of cat food, get a haircut, buy some undies and sort out the technology. There are lists sorted into things that will take all day and small things that I can do after work. One list is actually a giant plastic tub. As I make, and move and generally fart about I put things into it that I want to take with me; things for the Creative Abundance Booth, things for the Ella Blue Booth, gifts, props and eventually the undies.

(This is the Ella Blue basics range)

Then there is the Fabric List, a great long list of pristine things still to be done. Nothing is ticked , nothing is crossed off. It is completely highlighter free. I have strike-offs of my fabric, kind of like those hanging fabric sample books you look at when choosing a new couch or curtains. The sampling (actual lengths of fabric) are not likely to get here to  my house and my sewing scissors until the extreme end of this month, leaving two weeks to turn it into objects before I leave. So I cannot begin to cross things off that list yet - it just sits there, growing and changing and re-prioritising itself in my head eleventy five gazillion times a week.
This has caused a seismic shift I the universe (and some bizarre anxiety dreams) and Jodie the control-freak to end all control-freaks has asked for help. I KNOW !!! What is more I have asked for sewing help? Yep, I am working with other people to help me fill my booth at market.I am buying-in the expertise that I don't have and I am sticking to what I do best, cute but useless (well, except for that one quilt  I have scheduled myself to make). 

(I made one quilt block and then promptly hand balled this project)

So, I just wanted you to know that it is not you, I am not avoiding you. I know we should catch up more often, go out for coffee like normal friends- even a dinner once in awhile. I should call  and email. I should also get out of tracksuit pants sometime between Thursdays and Mondays and go out into the world and mix with real people and I will.
I have penciled it in for June.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015