Friday, May 27, 2022

Soft 5

 Friends, I'm trying but obviously still suck at popping in here.

I've been sewing, getting yelled at in supermarkets and making toast. 

I was trawling the blog this morning looking for a photo that I know I have but apparently I also suck at naming photos. Some of these blog conversations feel like a lifetime ago. I have been reading old posts in that kind of happy sad way when something feels a long way away.

For example: This photo that is quite obviously of a pear shaped pincushion is 

called "soft 5 ". 

The inside of the computer, much like the inside of my mind is arbitrarily organised by someone who thinks they will remember all these weird things when they are needed. History reveals time and time again that this is not true.... and yet I get no better at it.