Saturday, November 29, 2008

hypothetically speaking.....

If I was to be involved , hypothetically, in a ginormous market some time next year,
and if hypothetically, I was selling stuff at said ginormous market....what would I sell????
If you met me at a market what would you like to buy from me?

When I say ginormous , I mean like about 5 hypothetically consecutive days of marketness? How would I make enough of anything? How many things do people expect to sell in five days?

If I hypothetically decided to make patterns to supplement the actual items.... what would I make patterns of ? What would you , hypothetically like a pattern for?

Should I make selvedge items or will people just look at them and go home and make their own?

If the hypothetical market is for crafters, surely they don't want to buy things already made? I mean , they can make it all themselves....

If the hypothetical market is as ginormous as I expect, I feel a little bit (like a lot out of my league) and this hypothetical step is an enormous one.

Do you have any hypothetical suggestions or tips?


My brain hurts

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So the stitch selector no longer shows up very well,

and there is actually a little wire doodad missing from here,

she may be wearing an old bit of tape from a long ago reminder

and she has the odd ding and scratch from the time she did a triple somersault off the back seat of the car

but she is home

and she completes me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

don't tell her...............

Hello, it is me Jude again, being on the computer.
I am being on the computer because Jodie is know ........... well she is all gone a bit kind of bonkers. I think she needs some quiet and peace.

First she started to want to grater up a man's rude bits which I think is not nice to mans and then at the same day her sewing machine stopped working......She said the biggest swear words in the whole wide world. She said she had lots to do, she had dollies to finish and swaps to tidy up, she had things to try and Christmas to think of and who in the world invented this stupid sewing machine in the first place and what on earth was she thinking trying to get all this done in one day and for gods sake why was there no wine in the house?
I hidded in my bed for a little bit...

and then I dobbed her to Eloise. I had to whisper the rude words and Eloise said I am not allowed to tell you because they was too naughty for blogs.....

Then I went to Jodie, cause I love her , and I looked her in the straight eye and I said

wanna hug?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear John,

I was hoping to do a little catch-up post today and tell you of some great things happening in blogland.
This week (and it is only Wednesday) seems to be going to hell-in-a-hand basket. Don't worry there have been no monumental dramas , just the feeling that anything that can go wrong probably will ....and tempers are a little frayed.
Everyone I have to deal with is crabby, or incompetent or both! Things are breaking , stuff is getting lost, appointments are forgotten.

but there is light at the end of every tunnel? yes?

Today I found out my blog has a new fan.
HI JOHN !!!!!
Now the thing is John, you have probably caught me at a bad time , you know how it is, I'm a little under the pump, too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Normally I'd be a little more welcoming and I'd also respond to every comment if you had enabled that function.
We could chat, get to know each other (in a purely crafting sense) but again, and I know it sounds like I am making excuses....its just that I have so much to do.......time on the blog is shrinking as the other life crap takes over.....

So please forgive me for not baking a cake or waving flags, but I'd really really like to welcome you and let you know that if you leave me one more comment about Viagra.......

I will hunt you down and I will do things to your willy that no amount of Viagra will fix !!!!
Love Jodie
x x x

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tweaking hell.


So the newest selvedge project is not exactly what I had hoped for. The chorus of angels have been sent home and the band have packed up and left.

It is not a total disaster, obviously it has a certain parasol-ness about it. I mean, it really couldn't be mistaken for anything else and it opens and shuts and does everything a parasol should.

and I do love how it looks from underneath with the sun shining through the selvedges

But it is essentially wonky...... far wonkier than these photos would have you think

I have tweaked and unpicked and re-tweaked for days, but (with a resigned sigh) wonky it shall remain.

I am all tweaked out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

January - start the year off fine

The frock has been included in the 2009 Whip-up calendar.

(How awesome is this guy on the cover?)

A little while ago, Kathreen of Whip-Up told me about this calendar project, which Whip-Up hope to do each year, and asked if the dress could be included and of course I said yes straight away.
Little did I know how deliciously gorgeous this calendar was going to look, or how amazing (and scarily talented) the other projects and contributors are.

I feel so honoured (and a bit of a fraud) to be included with such people to be honest. I nearly died as I flicked through the preview and realised I was in a calendar with Mimi Kirchner - Mimi is my total crafting goddess, the person I most want to be able to craft like one day. Her recent sad girl and boy with the black eye have left little haunting ghosts in my craft psyche-they are so beautiful. Her beautiful biker/pirate is Mr April.

The calendar is available from Redbubble and given the shocking value of the Australian dollar these days you international folk could probably just send us some beads and mirrors and get yourself a copy.

It's a great way of supporting Whip-Up and saying thanks for all the support they give to both blogland and crafters of all persuasions. I have ordered my (and my mums Christmas present )copy already so once it is here in the flesh I'll let you know!

Thanks Kathreen for inviting me to join in, and as ever, thankyou to Whip-up for all the support they give to all us crafters.

Monday, November 10, 2008

With the inner fortitude of a marshmallow

So, I didn't so much fall off the wagon on the weekend , It was more like a flying leap into the great selvedge abyss.

You see, I have rules. I have structure. I have plans and goals and "important-things-that-need-to-be-sewn" ......and then I have selvedges.

Quietly they beckon me from the sewing room , like some dirty little secret. I think I can resist. I tell myself firmly to stay on task. Prioritise. Finish those dollies that people are expecting for Christmas. Work on your secret Santa swap.........I am strong, but still they call.

Softly at first they call me, and I just peek into the baby selvedge box to check the stash. I think about the new project and try to plan some time to get back to it.

I open the box of baby selvedges. This is a BAD MOVE. The sewing machine is already threaded with white cotton , I could just sew a few lines couldn't I? I mean I can stop whenever I want to. I am the grown-up in I am IN CONTROL.

I do a deal with myself. (and you all know what I'm talking about here, you know you do)I'll just sew two sections of the new project and then I'll get back to those "important- things- that -need- to -be -sewn"

Two sections quickly (or not so quickly) became five and then six. By now I know I have to finish all eight , I mean it would be silly to stop when I am this close. I may as well just get it all out of my system at once.

Yes I know binge sewing is irresponsible, I need to try to be more moderate, maybe even have a few selvedge-free days each week.........I know these things, I've read the health warnings. I just can't seem to do it.

Up early Sunday morning and sections seven and eight are completed before breakfast. Lets not use the word frenzied here, lets just say I was, by this point, enthusiastic.
All pieced, do I bask in the glow of achievement and return, sated to the other projects?
No way !
It sings to me , loudly every time I leave the sewing room. It waits for me now safe in the knowledge that the seed of the finished project in all its wonderfulness has been planted in my brain.
and then.....the light palpitations , the flushed cheeks and racing heart, the stupid grin , when you sew it all together to realise that it will work - it fits ! It makes sense......oh seriously, there is no going back from this point -we all know that
Small tweaks get tweaked, the "important-things-to-be-sewn" aren't really that important are they?
So close, binding is needed and bought in record time - no time to browse or chat, no I don't need a bag, just pass me the binding lovey and no-one will get hurt.
Home, tweaking, pinning..........not rushing, the end is in sight and the chorus of angels is warming very very close, ten minutes from the finish line, I just need another pair of hands..........

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You asked for it.......

Hello, I'm Jude and this is my best friend green pom-pom
Green pom-pom is the best

I Love green pom-pom so much

We play lots of games

and we do thinking

and we go adventuring together.

Don't you have a green pom-pom?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Evolution .................

Evolution is a tricky thing

My eleventh cup evolved into a teapot.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Evolution of a teacup - series 2

Welcome once again, dear readers as we follow Jodie, the ever-optimistic crafter, in her continuing search for the perfect teacup.

Today saw our much harangued sewer delve once again into the teacup debacle that she has been studiously ignoring for a week.
This teacup dear readers in now in its 9th incarnation.

At this point things are looking good, but what you can't see readers, is the four different bases sewn and unpicked and the three different handles .

At the right angle, you can however, see the pin!