Sunday, January 31, 2010

The week ahead...

Yes, this was the most productive use of my time yesterday evening when I should have been highlighting stuff or underlining stuff or sticking sticky notes or otherwise getting organised.

(and you can't argue with me man, I am the employee of the week !)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A misunderstanding....

Strap yourselves in guys.....

Yesterday I got an email alerting me to the fact that this blog has been nominated for an award over at Poppytalk - a great fun design blog out of Canada.

Because I didn't want to appear to be a Mrs Big head , I figured I would just let it sail on by......BUT after a few emails this morning, apparently my reluctance to blog about it just might be considered to be a lack of gratitude...or even a bit of Jodie is so far up herself she has disappeared up her own backside....

So, here I am talking talking loudly out my backside to is the dealio if you want to vote and to the person who thought I belonged in such esteemed company , I thank you from the bottom of my heart - or is that the heart of my bottom?

Hard to tell from in here.......

(and of course I am thrilled but its all just a bit embarrassment you know)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am dead posh...

Now that I have interrupted poor Little Ernst's story I may as well continue.
I just popped in to tell you that the bloggy world tour has started! yep that's right, admittedly the first stop is quite close to home (like about 40 km away) but a girls got to start somewhere.

In July I will be adventuring all the way to Daylesford to swan about at the Daylesford Craft Experience.
That right! I have been invited to be a guest swanning-abouter for two whole days. I am alternatively very excited and scared rigid about the whole thing to be honest.

(image from Peppers website)

I know it is going to be heaps of fun. You can get some friends together and book a table, and hang out all day with each other and me and (OMG) Melly of Melly and Me (I have met Melanie before so I know I shouldn't be scared of her - she is lovely , but FAR OUT !! She is MELLY !!!!) and also the talented Hitomi of Studio Mio

This retreat is being organised by Merrilyn of Threadneedle Craft and Zoe of Purls Palace and they are planning this to be a very indulgent retreat . The venue (above ) is dead posh and the food promises to be awesome (I like me some food)

You will get brand new patterns from each of the designers (snicker snicker snort - I'm a designer) as well as treats and goodies and there will be prizes and all manner of fun crafty stuff. There will be kits and fabric and champagne shopping as well.
I am preparing three new projects especially for the retreat and so far I think its all looking pretty good with a splash of cute!

Its kind of funny - earlier in the year I was wondering about direction and stuff and I decided not to book up my whole year with crazy schedules and huge commitments and gadding about the countryside ........and then I got asked to be part of this and it just slots in, and its doable and its close to home and I hope some of my local friends (yeah craft group I am talking to you lot) will be there and I'm sure heaps of my bloggy further away friends will be there too and it all just came together perfectly.

However, just reading that back made my stomach go all weird again.....
Its cool I'll have it all under control by July . I'll be a veritable picture of inner poise and decorum.

(designer ...snort snort )

Saturday, January 16, 2010

An interruption

I know that I don't have to point out to people the various ways they can help the people of Haiti. As usual people across blogland are doing what they can to help, be that by monetary donations, or by raising awareness.

But I thought I might share with you the work of Craft Hope . Craft hope have an Etsy shop where they are selling handmade items , donated by all sorts of crafters and artists. 100% of proceeeds will be going to Doctors without Borders.

You might want to pop over and take a look, buy an item or even make an item donation yourself.

Little Miss Lucy, pictured above has been offered and I expect she will make her way into the shop as Crafthope process all the donations. is in the shop now and even though the listing says post to US I am happy to post anywhere at all....

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Experiments in softies

Can I tell you about Grocer.

Grocer is an experiment, kind of like a little detour on the way to another softie.

I made Grocer on Sunday after shopping for necessary white goods, and he came together in just an afternoon and an evening. I did not measure a single thing, I simply tipped out the wool tub , picked up an old country road skirt and got started. (but I have worked on that gusseted head shape before ).

This is sooooo not me...... I am anal. No, really apart from the whole Librarian thing , I am seriously anal, I am not good at winging it. I draw, and sew , then redraw and sew, then start again and redraw some more - Remember the 13 elephant heads for Parsley and Beet?
I blame Sooz really, she is off there being all organic and creative and making spectacularly beautiful things as she strives and experiments and learns - she blows me away.

So, Grocer was meant to be an experiment...... and experiment in leg / bum joiny bits, and experiment in neck / head joins hidden by collars and an experiment in turny up feet fold bits - really just a set of disjointed parts,

But somehow along the way Grocer became more than the sum of his experimental parts and he became himself.

Thanks Sooz !

it helps that he some of that roguish charm that we, more mature ladies, like in our softies!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Out of the goodness of my heart

(With tongue firmly in cheek)

I am here to talk to you today about giving, spreading joy, lightening other peoples load......

It fills me with joy to know that sometimes my blog cheers people up, and makes them smile. It gladdens my heart that I can provide a little flicker of light in a darkened world. That this tiny portal into my perfect,
rarefied existence helps people through their day....

In the spirit of self sacrifice and in an effort to lighten your day, I have to share with you all, my friends, one piece of information.

Yesterday I had to buy a new oven.

OK Go on, fall about laughing, piss yourself, snort hot tea out your noses.....make jokes at my expense.....

I deserve it!
and you know I'd do the same to you !
It would seem it is not best practice , when confronted with a sea of bubbly blue lava at the bottom of ones oven, to place oneself amidst the possible deadly fumes and try and scoop, spoon, spatula and woman-handle the molten burning hot lava out of the oven.... No ! It is best, apparently, to immediately cool the oven (how exactly???) and let the said molten lava reset before removing it. My slightly hysterical excavation of the blue chopping board burial site, caused said molten lava to access areas of the under-oven blue molten lava should not access.
I suspect we shouldn't have eaten the roast either.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In my defense

In my defense,

I had spent THE WHOLE DAY cleaning......

Friday, January 1, 2010

or Nigella even.................

Would you like gravy with your oven-roasted plastic chopping board Madam?

Just like Martha!

I didn't realise how many people have yet to make the acquaintance of Mr Gocco, the little blue machine in the previous post. There is heaps of info about him online (Just search Gocco) .
Rumour has it that a camcorder will be making its appearance at our house for a birthday in Mid - January so maybe I'll do a little video of Gocco in action ? Yes?

It'll be just like Martha Stewart, there will be stylists and camera crews and sound people, there will be make-up artists and security and finished products prepared earlier.....

Or just me and the teenager if I can convince him to help, the kitchen bench and a whole lot of reality !

In the meantime , I 'll keep you posted !!