Friday, March 30, 2007

BoBo - Vintage chenille

I just wanted to let you see BoBo before he gets all wrapped up. I made this litle guy for a friend who loves penguins. He looks a little owlish to me, but in my vast collection of vintage chenille I have no black. In fact I never seen true black original vintage chenille.

So a quick trip to Ballarat Patchwork sourced the delicious chocolate brown chenille and his little tummy is vintage.

This was super easy and sewed up in no time - I want to make some more in nice bright colours now!!!

Stay tuned on the chocolate brown chenille-I am working on a new pattern and I may need some willing Guinea pigs to try it out for me. It will be easy and sweet....... any takers?

Friday, March 23, 2007

New bags !

In an effort to rescue this from becoming a shopping blog, I have saved the photos of the rest of my "stitches and Crafts" purchases for another day.

I thought I'd show off my TV craft - Remember the Yoyo's at the AQC well I have been working on a few each time I get the chance and I have about 100 or so now.
I have made them out of all sorts of fabrics with no idea of colour or design - just the scraps as they came out of the bag and I love how they look. Miss 15 says they look like a bucket of lollies !

Now I didn't get all this done this week- Mostly it was just finishing off . These are two of the bags I have had on the go for a few weeks but at last they are finished.

This is "Norma".

Quite roomy with a pocket inside and magnetic clasp. The killer was handsewing the bias at the back......

And this is Scribble (for want of a better name).

Much more to Miss 15's likeing although she did have a few colourful suggestions as to the word she would like on the next bag.

( French assignments can do that to a girl)

Master 12 turned up his nose at Scribble saying it was too "squarish" but he liked the look of the face on the back.

So you may as well join in and send me some constructive criticism- If I can take the kids I think I'll cope.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Hiya !

At the show yesterday I bought this kit and a few little extras from the Creswick Woollen Mill stall. So last night during couch time I had a little fiddle.................

I managed some spots
some wonky swirls

and the teeny tiniest little strawberry ( it looks more like a chilli so maybe I should have said that, but in truth, it was meant to be a strawberry). It is about 10c piece size.

The 3D elements of this are really exciting and at the show I saw teddies and a gorgeous spotted toad stool -

I would like to make some flowers with layers and colours to go on handbags and I would also like to keep going adding spots to the grey fabric - I love spots.

Of course I would like to whip up a little critter or two as well but don't hold your breath on that one - 3D is tricky and a bit dangerous !! I needlefelted myself more than once last night I can tell you !!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stitches and Craft

OH wow !!!

What a day - I am exhausted but excited by some Great purchases today. First stop was the Creswick Woollen Mill stall where we spent (both time and money). We met the gorgeous people running the stall and got so excited by the dry felting !!!

The day was huge and I haven't had time to take photos but stay tuned and I will show you all my purchases through the week

For now, because I promised here are the tired friends lining up for coffee !

Thanks Kate and Annie - a happy day all round for the fat quarters !!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bags,buttons , Stitches and Craft

Hi Guys,
Oh a quick hello today . I thrifted these buttons during the week. Aren't the jars with the green lids lovely - they are very old plastic lids with no labels (except the ugly texta from the op shop)

Tomorrow I am of the the "Stitches and Craft" show in melbourne where I shall elbow my way through the beads and scrapbooking to get at the fabrics.....

I have all but finished two bags to show you as well. One is called Norma and the other (whom I love) has no name yet. Maybe you can help me when you see her. I will do my best to get a decent pic and post them tomorrow or later tonight.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Holiday Monday !!

Hiya - yep a public holiday here in ballarat so a nice slow day.

I finally got to have a go at that bag that has been haunting me ....only to run out of bias binding with 10 cms to go AAARRRGGGGHHHH !

So more on that later (hopefully tomorrow but the staff meeting may get in the way).

Yesterday my friend Emma of Ballarat Patchwork (she of the yo yo encrusted bosom below) started a blog - I can already tell you that it will be beautiful , she has an exceptional eye for colour, detail and general gorgeousness. Take a look here.

YesterdayI got into the cutting - I have a strange love for my rotary cutter, especially when it has a new blade - I cut and cut and cut ! Over 500 wee squares of vintage chenille.
A quick thankyou for all the beaker love yesterday and yes he is a bit lonely but his rather racy stripey wife is on the way .

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sock Dog !!!

Hello ? Who are you?

I'm beaker !

You smell good !!!

Wanna scratch my tummy??

Satuday Yay ! Free Time anyone???

There is never enough time is there? All these things I have to do compete with the things I want to do .

I had to go get some plastic eyes and groceries this morning (more on those eyes later) so had a quick stop at the op shop on the way. I bought the cutest vintage bunny rabbit cotton and some sweet pillowcases.

Then....... something I just couldn't walk past - an old quilt top all pieced and topstitched but not finshed - I just LOVE it - I have nowhere to keep it but just couldn't leave it hanging there among the threadbare old towels.

So that, and trip to the supermarket and bakery meant I got to do a bit of the have to's and the want to's this morning.

This afternoon involves cutting lots and lots of vintage chenille - finishing the eye project !!! and maybe getting a start on the new bag thats been kicking around the brain all week .

And I guess I have to watch the kids, clean the house, do some washing (lots) have dinner........oh the have-to list feels awfully long today.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Hi again,
I just wanted to show what I have been doing on my day off. The house is still a mess and the floors are atrocious but this is almost finished.
Remember the handles I bought at the AQC ...................

Well, for the minute they are only pinned on as I think I will need something a little stronger than regular old cotton to attach them. The back is the same as the front and it is lined
with black cotton and has a little pocket.
(I'll put the handles on straight when I sew them on I promise)

Thrifting / op-shopping saturday

Hi .

Well my love affair with blogger is being tested ! Everything went well for about a week but love is fickle and now blogger hates my photos -.

Hopefully it will work this time

Saturday involved a little op shop excursion - I notice all the US blogs call it "thrifting" which sounds kinda nice. Anyway, see the frame ? At my house we call these ballerina frames and I love them. I always imagine them with pictures of ballerina's inside but this one is empty so I will have to find something to put inside. Some vintage fabrics, a funky tin (already claimed by Miss 15) and a cheery day all round.

and buttons -aren't they gorgeous. I just can't go past a bag or jar of buttons in an op shop without having a look.... and these are gorgeous. Some pretty glass ones and I came home and sorted them into the collection ! (button therapy)