Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A slight diversion

 I started an experiment - something that had been niggling away at the back of my mind. Would it work? How hard would it be?

Tonight after work is the last night I'll be working on this - It is taking over the whole kitchen. I'll post a tutorial as soon as possible - I  just need to start a new one so I can get some photos of the beginning stage. Gotta run folks - realwork is calling.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Holiday Boss

So whilst the holiday boss might not have been thrilled with last weeks performance, quite a lot happened. I finished up a stack of shop samples including Circus Skittles and Tuffets.

I visited Kellie's new shop in Fairfield called Cutting Cloth. The shop is stunning and full of Kellie's wonderful quilts. You can follow her on facebook to see some of her wonderful range.

Still in Fairfield , it was off to visit G.J's. Having recently moved, the G.J's store is enormous with a huge amount of quilting fabric as well as everything strecthy and sparkly and sequinny that any dancer could want. (I find myself so drawn to all that sparkle.)  

While I was there I saw my fabric in the wild for the very fist time. It was a bit weird, I didn't want to stand near it in case someone said something awful about it.

I made a new friend (almost but not quite),

and I celebrated the birthday of our slightly older friend, Annie flowergarden.
I look forward to all the adventures you have planned Annie, it is going to be some ride !

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I went to the zoo

Despite the wrath of the holiday boss, I skived off last week and went to the zoo along half of the population of Victoria I might add.
 I saw all the usual suspects and took photos
 and wished, above all else that I could be a zookeeper.

In the far left you can see a teeny little baby elephant. I could spend all day just watching the elephants even if they didn't seem all that thrilled to see me.

 The holiday boss was mollified with last week's output:

Four new creative cards, originally named Three Ring Circus (although there are four diamonds) Circus Skittles, Circus Oli's and Circus Tuffet.

That last one should be called Circus-how-can-anything-take-this much-stuffing? 
All the details will be in tomorrows newsletter and they will be in all good stores super soon. They might also be in some crappy stores too, I have no standards.

The holiday boss sits back and drums her fingers on the desk...... "That is all well and good but what are you doing this week Jodie?"