Saturday, July 28, 2007

Warning - suggested swear words - read at your own risk.

(I would like to ask that people do not comment on this post - lets just let it go shall we)
I am not quite sure what tone I wish to take with this post.

As you can see I have deleted my whiplash challenge. After a busy week at work I checked in this morning to find a little battle being waged in the comments of that post. My email account has been flooded with very unsavoury emails .
My commonsense brain tells me not to be threatened by these emails, as of course this person does not know where I live and would never carry out the things they said - but the other part of me - you know that part that feels sick to the stomach when you think of your children being harmed, well it is in there too.

So................ Dear Nutcase , You win . No More Post but not for the reasons you think.

I did NOT copy anyone elses work - would I be stupid enough to do that and then post it on a site like whiplash where so many people will see it? My removal of the post is down to you and your disgusting threats. I have reported all your emails to you host. I have removed the email link from my blog and I have stopped anonymous comments, so the time has come for you to simply Go Away - Move on - F*** off as I am no longer listening.


  1. I missed all the drama, but when I read whipup and saw that your entry was deleted I was a little shocked. The knitting needle bracelets aren't that different than the toothbrush bracelets I remember making as a kid. And there are tutorials for those all over the net.

    Yes, copying is bad, etc. etc. but it's a simple idea and I honestly believe you weren't stealing, and I'm a little shocked by how quick people were to take sides.

    So, I hope you know at least some of us are in your corner!

  2. Wrong link, sorry!

    That's the toothbrush link.

  3. Wow! I'm so sorry you've been put through this. I though it was a great tute. I'm at a loss!

  4. i know you didnt want anyone to comment but I am just being a brat - how sad and awful for you and what a mean, cruel nutcase that obviously is a little too bored????

  5. I agree with the great tutorial!

    (And just to annoy that person - every one of my knitting friends is getting a knitting needle bracelet for Xmas - that I made myself!!!)

  6. I really wish I'd printed out your page now! I linked to it on my Crafty Fun Friday entry last week, but figured I'd print it out after I found some cool needles to use (I've never seen a needle like the the ones you've shown in a thrift or antique shop around here).

    I'm very sorry you had crap visitors. I felt the need to post something last week myself, but still haven't addressed the actual issue that sparked the tangent.

  7. Ah.. welcome to the craft wars.. as another retailer calls it. Here at Mikes we often encounter this sort of nastiness between duelling crafters. And there's no place for it. I have seen lots and lots of knitting needle bracelets. It is not a new idea. And whoever has been spreading nastiness in your direction, might just want to look very deep down in their crafty heart and know that this is not a new concept - and if you can't say anything nice, then bugger off! xx pip ps - sorry i commented!


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