Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Happy place

This very old project (like two years) has been reinstated on the to-do list.

It was going well, until it wasn't and then I had to start again.

But the basic horse / donkey plan is sound,

even if the Appaloosa was an abject failure

Sleepless nights about horse legs have turned into sleepless nights about bridles which means I am getting closer. I can be heard muttering about girth straps and brow bands to anyone who passes by and I am cutting and sewing pieces of felt so small they are a joke.
I have a new order of felt arriving this week and I think I
I might just be on to something.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Suffer in your jocks ! an explanation of sorts

My friend Ina, asked me to explain this pin. This is the 'suffer in ya jocks!' pin.

Suffer in your jocks is a saying you might use when you have no sympathy for someone. it is a bit like "Suck it up Princess".

Example : "Oh I am so hungover"
"Suffer in your jocks!"

It seems to be in high rotation in homes with teens. Every time my kids whinged about how hard their lives were - they would get the "suffer in your jocks" response.

When I moan about not loving my trip to Houston you might be thinking "Yeah right, your hobby requires a trip overseas... poor jodie.... Suffer in your jocks Jodie ! " 
I hope that makes sense.
Anyone use it differently ?

and now for fun. Pop an example of when you might use "suffer in your jocks"in the comments and I will send the best comment (as judged by whoever makes me snort tea out my nose) two pins.
Think of it as contributing to the education of the masses.

(The winner is Amy and the pelican poo)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

This seems excessive

It seems I did a lot of crafty stuff in 2016.

Certainly a lot more than I would have thought to mention if anyone had asked.
I designed 20 new patterns and made over 100 toys. 

I also designed the freebie pattern for the quilt in the middle there. It is free to download over there on my free patterns page. There is another design from 2016 destined to help raise money for a charity and you will see more of her very soon.

I designed two fabric ranges, (and learnt Adobe Illustrator)

which in turn meant two trips to America - One was totally awesome and one sucked.
This was the unsucky one !!

I designed three enamel pins and am waiting on delivery of the fourth. This is one of the funnest new things I did in 2016. I want to make all the pins !!!

I blogged 39 times
I instagrammed 336 times
I taught one class
I went to my day job
I did not keep up with my paperwork/gardening/housework/social events...

It was a big year friends - too big ? Probably. This little blog post gives me pause for thought.

How about you ? Was your year big, or small or just right? What was the funnest things you made ?