Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ticking off the list

Ok, So I haven't done everything in the list of the last post but I have roughed up a pattern for the doll for school (huge relief). I might actually try and sew one up this afternoon. (not even close)

I am not really into photos of myself (what an understatement) but thought I might use the same idea to make a doll of myself to put in my blogger profile ......stay tuned on that one- I am not promising !

I have finished the two frilly bags - I tried out my exceptionally limited embroidery skills. I mean that truly, I can only do one stitch - I just do it bigger and smaller as I need. I can live with them - they are very happy.

I made these with a combo of new and vintage fabrics - I have quite a stash of vintage fabrics that I rarely use but I love the way these fabrics came together. They have little frills on the last two layers.

The shape is simple and super easy. With Connor's help this morning I learnt how to insert into paint blah blah blah computer blah megasomething blah...... I had a few goes at this because it was hard to make it so enormous that it could be read.

Anyway that is the shape I used - I have made many many bags with this shape - with little carry handles or long shoulder bag handles. If you turn it the other way you get a more basket shaped tote and you can paper-bag fold the bottom corners (either way) to add a gusset.
You know I could have ironed that piece of fabric for the photo ......yeh right !!!


  1. Those bags are just beautiful!

  2. Hi Jodie,
    The bags are so cute. I love the frilly bits. I also love the purse that you made with the measuring tape purse- lovely. Where did you get the measuring tape fabric and the ric rac fabric -love them want some..

  3. Hi mel, The measuring tapes are "building Blocks" by Moda and the ric rac is a Micheal Miller fabric - I got them both on Ebay !!!....of course.

  4. Fantastic work as usual Jodie - you are very talented! Love the bags (I'll have to rip them off at some stage you know, otherwise known as being 'inspired' by them)and thanks so much for sharing the pattern.
    Have you learned how to order from Amazon yet ;-)

  5. The bags look great. Isn't it great to cross things off your list.
    Thanks for the pattern down the bottom and I just love the way you have sewn the ric-rac on before making it.
    Ironing before taking the photo - who has the time.


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