Sunday, March 27, 2016

Big news and bigger news

 Here we are on Easter Sunday. What better day to tell you about my upcoming fabric range.
Due for release in May at Spring market, this is Bunny Trail.

I am super pumped about it and am keeping one eye on the calendar and one on the to-do list as things get closer to market time. The sooner the fabric gets here the better, but in truth, I am not expecting it for a few weeks. Then it will be saddle up and sew like the wind to get everything ready for market in mid-May. (I am going to Salt Lake City !!!! Can't wait )

The neck / back thing has improved , and now  the man with the magic hands is working on the shoulder. New drugs mean my stomach lining will return to something closer to normal in a few months and for this I will be eternally grateful. (Oh friends it was a new and awful place).

But the really big news ? Bigger than a trip to the USA  and bigger than new fabric range ???

I have a grandpuppy !
He is the cutest puppy ever (of course)

and as a total bonus - I am holidays for two glorious weeks so I have plenty of time for puppy antics.
I hope your Easter makes you as happy as a puppy with two tails.

(His name is quite possibly but not definitely going to be Mac)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'd laugh if it didn't hurt so much

Dear friends, gather round and I shall share such tales with you. Tales that will make your toes curl, your hair stand on end and the milk curdle in your tea. You may weep and you may laugh.

Our weary traveller set off on a journey of discovery. She wished to know the meaning of the hideous neck pain that plagued her life. She visited the woman with healing hands and placed her faith in her. The healer did all she could and yet it was not enough. Pain plagued the traveller. The traveller prostrated herself before a doctor of high standing.

The doctor praised the travellers stoicism and prescribed some magical beans. She told the traveller tales of a man with magical hands. The man with the magic hands worked in a darkened room, he spread his unguents upon the traveller before bending and twisting her into shapes unknown to her body.
The traveller felt good. The traveller returned to the man with magic hands and was given instructions to wield a magic stick every morning and night... but something was wrong. something was brewing.

The traveller was unwell. The traveller felt a growing discomfort. The traveller hurt. The traveller  pressed on. The traveller was in agony. The magic beans had turned against her. The magic beans were fighting to get out of her body. The traveller was bereft and tried to visit the doctor of high standing. The doctor of high standing could not see her so spoke to her over the waves.
"I will give you new magic beans," said the doctor. You will feel well"
The weary traveller was losing faith, but she took the new magic beans and slept.

In the morning, the weary traveller's neck hurt like hell.

Gratuitous dolly clothes photo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

While I was sleeping

A few weeks ago  ( four but who's counting?) I woke up with a buggered neck - like totally ratshit have-to-roll-out-of-bed-buggered.
It is a lot better than it was, but still .... kinda buggered.

In an effort to help un-bugger my neck/back/shoulder I have been trying really hard not to do too much. Sewing hurts and computering hurts - much less than it did originally but its all a bit crunchy and unfun.

I have made friends with physio appointments and I suffer in silence through the whole thing. (well silence at the physio, but there is a lot of whingeing and whining on the home front  - I am no stoic).

My friend Paddle has joined the troops and so have these super easy little fellows called Best in Show. Don't worry I sewed all these before the neck thing - they have just been waiting their turn in the toy queue.

I have seen the strike offs for my newest fabric range and am psyching myself up for that quilt market craziness again. The mind is willing and I have lists at the ready. I think that maybe things will be a bit less bonkers than last time but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that - just wishful thinking and a that feeling of competence that a list gives me.

I have even been practicing my flat sewing in preparation !