Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a day !!!

Today I went to the Melbourne Quilt and Craft show .
Before we left I had to prepare my "car craft"- everyone had some car craft except the driver and Annie gave Kate crochet lessons in the back seat.

I took along a bit of embroidery and the yo yo maker.

I was really hoping to have my "Big Project " finished to take along today but it was not to be - Here she is, just ever so slightly unfinished. This is the first Nanna-trolley or shopping jeep I have reconditioned with fabric - all the others have been oilcloth and I am quite happy with it so far - I have about another eight of these stashed behind the bedroom door ready for a recondition, funnily enough I don't have a spare eight weeks to do it in.

I quilted the back fabric to give a bit more body and I need to attach the lid and she will be finished. I am not sure if it needs a little something- I was thinking a little red "something " on the black fabric in the right hand lower corner????

So all of this was before we even left... the day was huge and I shall tell you all about it tomorrow (my birthday ) and show you all the delicious fabrics I bought and all the new projects I have planned............


  1. Great day had by all - jamie time almost expired. See you for your birthday!

  2. hope you have a great day tomorrow, Jodie!

  3. Hi Jodie,
    Love the embroidery on the round container thingys and the trolley looks great. I hope that you have the gorgeous birthday! Eat plenty, rest plenty and enjoy yourself love!
    Love Mel!

  4. hi! i love your blog, have been reading if for a couple weeks. should have commented already but i have a brand new baby and i can barely read the blogs i enjoy! i love that basket at the top, made with measuring tape! happy birthday!
    kirsten schueler

  5. thank you for the lovely cupcake from the stitching night at meet me at mikes.

  6. Happy Birthday Jodie! Hope it's a fabulous day.

    I do love those little tape measure baskets. Adorable, and such a great idea!

  7. Jodie
    AWOL Lissa here, where do you buy these twill tape measures? I LOVE your buckets.. and would love to make one or two with your permission.. and a needlebook or two! so put me out of my misery, where do you buy them? or will I just have to gocco myself some?? LOL now that WOULD be a challenge.. hope you had a lovely birthday.. and remember, its hard to soar like an eagle, when you are surrounded by turkeys.. gobble gobble gobble..

    Lissa :O)


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