Friday, September 14, 2007

Today was MY day !

So today was MY day !

Not such a big deal I guess and hardly worth a whole post but after a month or so of early starts, late finishes and working weekends for concert , today was MY day. I was really really looking forward to it. I had slow-breakfast, out for coffee, spot of shopping, crafting afternoon thoughts.

Concert week (last week) was spent running around like Mrs invincible doing at least 20 things at once and by Wednesday I kinda had a little niggly, yes-your-tired-but-maybe-this-is-something-else kinda feeling.

The show must go on and on it went - It was a huge success !!! A few small hiccups of the getting -smacked- up the- side- of- the- head- by- drum- waving- grade- 6- boy variety didn't put me off. Nor did getting my finger caught in the back curtain mechanism . Throat felt like a wee volcano had erupted inside but I blamed the over reliance on the smoke machine to cover the bad dancing.
The next day saw me front up for the jury duty lotto draw ! No hassle, I looked like Frankensteins bride, sat far away from everyone, glowered and coughed. They only needed 6 people from a room full. I'll be safe and get let off and then have the rest of the day to rest. But nobody voted me out and I made it to the final six -lucky me
So jury by day, concert by night and my hand gets run over by the drum riser when I try to lock the wheels. Darling little boy tried to use it as a giant skateboard. Another success and then Bump out ! LATE night , can't go for celebratory drinks as I am sure I have been eating crushed glass.
"Friday off " is sacrificed to jury duty. Strange muscles ache , ears ache, no sense of taste, no will to move.

By this time it is obvious I am not well. The fact that the judge had to exit the jury because I could not stop coughing was a bit of a giveaway ! Not too worry it'll be over soon right? My cough sounds like a cross between a ships foghorn and a harp seal in distress.

Spend the weekend trying every potion known to humankind and still continued to cough until I vomit ( mmm nice !!!!!). Ache in every conceivable place on the body. Begin to think I may as well just eat Vicks vaporub-at least I could taste it.

Monday ! Armed with an arsenal of potions I head back to jury duty and cough my way through the next four days. Found some great throat lozenges that kinda stopped the coughing - sugar free !!! Do you know what that means - yep whatever they use to sweeten them means one must keep ones person within about 5m of a toilet at ALL times. Judge has to exit jury again so I may poop, and yes I had to get the jury foreman to request this of the judge in open court !
To cough or to poop? That was the question! Coughing of a vigorous nature very nearly inclined the pooping so it was a tricky time ! Of course all this had to occur with minimal disruption to the court and whilst listening to every word of every witness and taking notes and trying not to cough, sneeze, poop, vomit or fall asleep.
At last, yesterday jury duty finished after a whole week and today was my day .

Woke up, coughed a bit, coughed some more and coughed so much I cracked a wee little bit of a vertebrae in my back ! (this is self -diagnosis on the law of probability , the fact that I have done it before and the fact that no doctor has the time or inclination to help me until next Tuesday at 4.35!!!!!!!!!).
Sitting hurts, laying hurts, stretching hurts, scrunching hurts, thinking hurts, throwing stuff in frustration doesn't feel too bad for about 3 seconds but because no-one else is home and I have to pick it all up and that really hurts.
Ring every person I have ever met begging for drugs - BIG DRUGS - The kind of drugs that stop back pain. Think of just starting at A in the yellow pages and ringing every number. I'm willing to pay.

Yes !!! A friend of the mother has some spares - just a few but they are the make- you- really- really- want- to vomit- but- you- can't- because- you- will- vomit- them- back -up-and-then-you-need-to-start-again variety - do I want them?
YES !!!!!!!!
Tomorrow, Now tomorrow is MY day.


  1. Oh Jodie,

    sounds like you are a little under the weather - very entertaining post, however.

  2. Oh you poor dear sick thing! Your week sounds hellish! And you can't get in to see a doctor til next week?
    I have put your name down to join me in the afternoon/evenings only nursing home! It is sad that I am thinking about these things at the ripe old age of 26!lol

  3. Oooohhhhh... Jodie! you poor bugger.. I was wondering where you were, and you were dying.. ((HUGGERS)) hope you are feeling better real soon and you get some of those elephant tranquilizers, they seem to make elephants feel much better.. take care woman!
    so did you let the bugger off? Next time you have jury duty, you must remember to pack the POISE...

  4. Poor sickie-poo, we only laugh because we've been there too. You described it to a T. You spared us no details. I feel sick just reading it.

  5. Misery loves company. I've enjoyed sharing in your misery. I hope your "MY" day Saturday is great & the really-want-to-make-you-vomit drugs do the trick.

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  7. Jodie your body is telling you to GO TO BED! Do not pass go, go directly to bed!! Hope you are well soon and that your family gives you lots of TLC to speed up the recovery!(in time for the holidays!)

  8. My goodness - no wonder you have been feeling ill with all that you have been getting up to lately! Hopefully you feel much better soon, but I would follow Bren's advice above and go straight to bed!

  9. Oh, you poor thing. I hope you get lots of rest this week.

    Drink plenty of fluids. Warm tea with honey (hot tea may not feel good on a sore throat).

    Take care of yourself.
    Kimberly :)

  10. Oh Jodie what a time you've had!!!! That is horrible!!!

  11. So was it vallium or voltarin that fixed the vertebrae Jodie???? I hope you are much, much better.

  12. You just crack me up!!! DON'T eat the Vicks... have you ever tasted that stuff!!! Tis Grannie's remedy take it from me DON'T GO THERE........


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