Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The art of compromise

I don't want to bore you all senseless with my house stuff so I will try to keep a bit of craftiness in the blog over the holidays.

Miss Jem said she wanted black walls - we said no !!! (yes horrible parents) but we have reached a happy compromise.

Today I painted Jem's wardrobe black - with chalkboard paint - and she is free to scribble all over it. I must stress the wardrobe is a very daggy old thing that was here when we moved in. She loves It !!! and I love that it is so much fun (and we don't have black walls).
I'll post a proper pic when we have handles etc.

The hallway is all but empty . Usually there would be a chair, a stack of suitcases and probably a guitar or two in here. (There would most definitely be dirty socks up by Master 12's door as well).Tomorrow I will be sugar soaping the last of the wallpaper paste off and starting to prep and paint.

I bet you are all envious of that design statement there with the bin !

The right shade of whiteishness has finally been chosen (did you know there were so many?)and I am very keen to start slapping the paint around. The hallway is a kind of green grey and pink at the moment and very dark.

On my way to the shops today to forget the sugar soap (as you do) I just ducked in to the local op-shop for a second (because of course I was so very busy at home but really just a little look wouldn't hurt would it?)

Well yay for the grand total of $4.75 I got some coat hangers for my collection and this great tin - I love that blue colour. It is saying button tin to me!

And of course I got a little bit of crafting in today as well. This is Hoot from a great Melly and Me pattern. I need to finish off the hand sewing and then he is done. I'm not sure about the ears - do any birds have ears that stick out like this? but I love the feet !

Tomorrow is gym, op shop (they are almost next door to each other) then home to paint !


  1. Thanks for the wave! I am so entertained by your blog, Jodie, that I am the one feeling guilty for not allowing reciprocation. Just take it form me, you are not missing much....
    Have a great holiday...though it doesn't sound like 'rest'is on the agenda!

  2. I love hoot! She's adorable.

  3. Ooohh what a gorgeous tin! and a Happy Compromise : )

    I remember the days when I was 16 and only wanted black everything. Now look at me, I could be a mascot for pink!!

  4. Oh I love the tin! Right now I have a small box I found on sale, but hopefully one day my very non-sewing mother will unleash her grip on my Great Grandmother's button tin and give it to me as it should be! Oh the marvelous vintage buttons that are in there and the tin itself is just priceless...maybe I will ask about that again today..couldn't hurt!

  5. I love Hootie, ive thought about that pattern too, looks cute !
    Sarah xx

  6. I was going to suggest blackboard paint to you the other day - we have a wall painted with blackboard in the kitchen and the kids leave me little drawings all the time. I have massive tin envy - it's fabulous, lucky you!

  7. Great idea with the blackboard paint. You look very busy but it is great to see you are still finding time for op shopping and crafting-of course! Your owl is cute and I too love the tin. Have fun.

  8. Gorgeous things, Jodie. I am house-obsessed at the moment too. Ooh, yes, I would love that brochure you mentioned, where can I get it?

  9. Love that tin Jodie! Which white did you end up choosing? Way too many whites around to choose from aren't there!

  10. Love the blackboard paint idea! A real win win choice for both you and your daughter.

    Can't wait to see what 'white' paint you've decided for the hall.

    I'm a sucker for a good op shop too. The tin you scored is gorgeous, perfect for buttons.

    The Melly and Me Owl looks great. I'm on your side.... Do birds really have ears like that???? Anyway it still looks pretty darn CUTE!!


  11. Jodie
    I love your Owl.. yes, I have seen an owl with ears.. its called "John Howard".. love your decor of your refuse recepticle.. and I know where you are coming from with the 5,000 shades of white.. do remember years ago, someone asking me when I worked in a menswear store 'what colour are your black jumpers?'.. of course my reply was 'black mostly!


  12. DS wanted black ones too at one time...what is it with the black walls?

    anyhoo, his compromise was he got black furniture too :)

    and I love the light comin' down your hallway & those steps at the end...very nice :)

  13. The BIG 'R' word! Jodie you're braver than me - that's why I made hubby build me a new house. I would have gone mental with the reno's. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post regular pics - I just love sneaking looks in peoples' houses and see how they decorate. Not literally though!

  14. Once painted the inside of a cupboard with blackboard paint! I don't understand people that want everything black when there are so many colours out their! Owly is cut but mama has not given you eyes!!!
    Naughty girl-only kidding! Mel!


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