Monday, September 24, 2007

How many hours in the day

Today was the start of the reno's.

This involved myself and Mr Ric-Rac trying to remove the wallpaper from Master 12's room.

My plan was to clear the room yesterday and get the steamer first thing this morning but Mr Ric-Rac arrived home with it yesterday unannounced so it was all a bit of rush.

You can understand why Master 12 (he of the Wolfmother concert, recent Silverchair powder finger adventure, owner of 3 guitars, 2 amps and a bongo drum) would not be pleased with this wallpaper.

Things went swimmingly for about two walls and then the cracks began to appear (literally).

Plasterer brother-in-law can soon expect to invited over for a few beers (and bring your tools with you). I believe we may have to replace a few walls (this is a five walled room) as they are at least 80 years old, maybe more.

Gone are the days when I expect any renovation type plans to actually go to plan. We have always lived in old houses. Tomorrow I am starting on the hallway ( I took down the ugliest weird flower type wallpaper frieze today).

Once the steamer was returned to the hire place I got to work on something that had been eating away at me since I cut it out last night.

Oh yes!!!! another little doll sized quilt. I have been thinking of the practicalities of chenille jelly-rolls for a while and have a very old project stashed away in this style (only much larger) so I gave it a whirl today - super quick, easy, cute and no disgusting bits of wallpaper paste in my hair either !!!

Stay tuned guys - tomorrow is paint and blackboards and all sorts of stuff !!!!


  1. What a pretty little quilt! I need to find the time to sew something...I have sewing envy!

  2. Your lucky monkey with all these new quilts. I am getting a bit edgy at leaving my sewing room for days on end.....Happy renos

  3. How gorgeous is that quilt - fantastic combo of texture and colour - lucky monkey!

  4. Such a beautiful blankie. lucky Monkey! I am sorry your renovation is not going as planned. We have had the same luck over here. We had to pull up the entire floor and sand down the floor joists because the floor was so uneven. It was off by 2in!

  5. that quilt is so simple but so cool - well done! Hope the renos go okay - look forward to seeing more pics, of the process and final result...

  6. oooohhh how cute is your chenille quilt!!! I can't believe Mr 12 didnt like his wallpaper??!!

  7. Jodie
    asked the beast (aka Darcy monster with the 40cm long hair, you know, the hairy hormonal horrible 13 year old) if he liked the wall paper, and he gave me the look.. good luck with the reno's.. I have been renovating for SIXTEEN years.. yep, not a typo there.. see I have many UFO's including my house!

    PS Love the chenille quilt.. seen chenille strips in a handbag once and it looked fabbo! I really really love your model too, your monkey is too cute!

  8. What a lucky monkey again blankee!!!! Blanket soooooo cute! Mel!


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