Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Everything old is new again or you guys are really going to hate me!

Oh dear, where to start.

The day kind of followed the plan, I went to the gym and the op-shop (no luck) then to the paint shop -Home and washing, sanding, filling sanding and eventually some painting. I got half the hallway done for the first coat - that grey green is hard to cover so I am working on that - still a long way to go (there are 6 doors in this hallway) .
In the back of my mind were the presents I have planned for some little girls (need calico) and need a trip to Ballarat Patchwork for some stripey fabric.

YIPPEE !! The new challenge for their blog Scrap Bag is up and running and it is a Dick and Jane challenge. You have to make an apron or a smock. I have an idea already but I really don't want to use my Dick and Jane stash so I had to buy some more ! (That's a crafter's logic for you).Pop over and sign up !!! ( you know I did think of calling this post "The Dick Challenge" but thought better of it.)

Miss Emma had a "little surprise" waiting for me in the back room. Someone had dropped off a bag of old fabrics. (here is the hating me bit coming up right now)

These were an assortment of styles and not really suited to patchwork so she offered them to me.......old fabric.......lots of fabric..........and seriously cute fabric........You should have seen the other customers faces as I heaved this out through the shop with a jaunty "just put it on my account!"

The pieces in here range from 12 inches right down to wee little scraps. Some of these old fabrics are so "right now" if you know what I mean and these little pieces will be lovingly washed and ironed and saved for very special projects.

Some of the weird chiffony stuff and other pieces will be taken to the art room at school. Lots will be offered to friends and when I am organised some will become presents for here on the blog too.

Come on guys..................As if I would keep it all to myself ! Stay tuned..................


  1. School holidays, free fabric, new challenge!!! You must be in heaven!
    What a great score! Enjoy!

  2. That house fabric is GORGEOUS!!!! What a haul! :)

  3. Love the mushrooms!!! So fun and cute! You are a very lucky lady!

  4. Hey Jodie! would you believe that we stumbled across an op shop here in Paris today?
    Didn't buy anything, though! I'll look out for a coat hanger for you.

    That bag of fabric looks exciting. You are one lucky girl.

  5. wow, lucky you !! love the mushroom one.
    Sarah x

  6. I love the 'just put it on my account!' The Cat and Mouse one is my fav - what a score! Thanks for your kind words re my doll quilt - when you find that tutorial on mitred corners let us know! I can also relate to the 'crafter's logic' Aah to have a 'proper' reason to buy more fabric, is good no?

  7. WOW what a score lucky you!!! I too know what you mean about "crafter's logic" of course that makes sense!!!

  8. Hi Jodie - Heather Bailey's tute is on binding corners, not mitred borders (my problem) - thanks all the same!

  9. g'day Jodie
    talk about the Motherload of fabric! I love the red houses on white, too cute! Doesn't get much better than being on holidays AND free fabric AND over the flu???


  10. what a great score for you! gotta love fabric by the bag!!! wow. yay you!

  11. WOW - love the house fabric Jodie. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  12. What a luck girl! Can't wait to see what you do with that lot!Mel!

  13. i am insanely jealous! that is awesome!!!

  14. oooooooOOOOOOO Jooooooooodi ...

    May I have those selvedges, huh huh huh??

    You lucky duck, you!!


Hellloooooo !!!!