Friday, September 28, 2007

Lights on but nobody"s home

No post yesterday, busy all day and by the time I was ready the teenager boy-girl - pizza-lollies-horror movies- musicals- more lollies- sleep in the tent even though it is only 4 degrees had kicked in.
They were great though and kept the noise to a minimum but I still had that crazy wake-up every hour to see if I could hear them thing going on. So a little tired and zombied today (hence the title)

Yesterday involved some more painting, I got the final coat on the blackboard wardrobe and another coat on the grey /green of the hallway. Here is where it stands today.

The right hand side needs one more coat in the morning and then I will start on all the trim !

I am not usually a talk about the weather kind of person but seriously what is going on? We have had huge flurries of hail today and the outside temp is currently a gnats whisker over 4 degrees.

In crafting news - all is not lost ! I am still in awe of the bag of fabric I was given and slightly disturbed by my mothers rather pushy request to iron it - ALL. ( My mother and her ironing is a post or two all of her own so we might leave that)
Yesterdays bit of craft was finishing off some sock-critter type presents for two little girls

and todays craft (and no it was not ironing all that fabric ). .......well lets just say something exciting is afoot !


  1. g'day Jodie
    hall looks much better, and egads! what happened to the orange Refuse Recepticle???
    We had sleepover and pizza last night, still have pizza hangover today.. always makes me feel glug.. must be the mountains of cheese and the lactose intolerant thing I got going on! I dont know where you get your energy.. going to drag myself to the sewing machine tonight and whip up something extraordinary.. or just finish some scrap blocks! wish me luck! happy weekend to ya!

  2. Your hallway is looking lovely-very clean and crisp.You must feel good about all you've done this week. I am on school holidays now too. Yipee!!!!!!!

  3. wonderful paint paint job!!!! i only iron what i plan on cutting right before i cut it!! hope you day is going well!!!

  4. Wow, the hallway looks heaps better - well done. I had a million painting projects planned for these holidays and haven't done any!

  5. Mystery feet, hmmmm . . . oooo, your hallway floor is hardwood, very nice. I think second to sewing I love to paint, the results are instant gratification . . .

  6. Hi,
    I also wish I had your energy.. The hall looks good..neater then me right now. Love your sock critters-cute! More power to you! Mel!!!

  7. We had hail too. It was very strange. I tried to get my son to watch it but he didn't think it was interesting at all, but I did.

  8. Impressive hallway, and impressive sleepover!
    I spent about two hours ironing fabric yesterday - I think that your mother may have ironing tendencies like mine!
    And yay, I can post comments again!

  9. I am just falling in love with all these homemade toys. I have seen a few of the sock monkeys around, but that one on the right looks like it is maybe a bear? Please tell me that you have a source for learning how to make these (a book perhaps, maybe someones blog has a tutorial?)

    tia! trishia


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