Sunday, September 16, 2007

A project a day keeps the doctor away

Those of you who read that whole last whingey whiny post will know I have been reasonably unwell of late.

Today I self medicated in the sewing room. I worked a little bit on my gifts for my Pay It Forward recipients...

and started to feel a little better but I knew it was just a brief moment of well being and a relapse was right around the corner.
It was time for preventative medicine!!
What was needed to combat this horrid flu was a new project, of course.....what better way to fight germs and disease than the thrill of riffling through the stash waiting for inspiration to strike!
I did think of all those Unfinished projects but I knew they just didn't have the appeal to really get me well again. No a new (preferably with no purpose) project it had to be............ and off I went.......

Quick and cheerful !!!

The answer - a little doll sized or miniature quilt with vintage chenille. Twenty little 4 1/2 inch squares and it was as easy as winking.

Now the boys of the ric-rac household are off to see Silver Chair and Powder Finger in concert tonight, in Ballarat, in a big top, in the rain and it is currently about 8 degrees........hmmmmm.

Those of us left behind will be nanna-ing it up on the couch with a bit of Australian Idol, lemon tea and the binding to hand sew.

and we are as happy as happy can be about it !


  1. Glad you are feeling somewhat better and that you survived(barely it seems) your school concert. i can imagine that it was wonderful. It sounds as though you are having a peaceful and relaxing Sunday night. Enjoy!

  2. I'm happy just thinking about it! I hope you are feeling much better - Georgous Projects!

  3. Hope you enjoyed nanna-ing it up on the sofa! Sounded like a godo plan.

  4. hmmm...cozy sofa time sounds wonderful! that blanket is awesome. i would love to start collecting chenille. oh, and i looove projects with no purpose!!

  5. Glad to see you got a bit better and got some creating done. hope the concert was good and that the boys didn't get sick in that cold Ballarat weather! Is it my imagination or is Ballarat the coldest place in Victoria? It is always freezing when I go there!

  6. I'm glad you're getting better, jury duty also sounds like a painful way to spend your time, especially a day off. I love the doll's quilt. It looks so cosy and comfortable. And all those colors look good together too.

  7. But wasn't Idol sad last night?!!

  8. hope you are feeling better, and know all about self medicating and begging for drugs! hope your boys found out about the concert being postponed before they left. we were about to head out on our 2 hour drive to Ballarat when got the news. Lucky!
    Love the little quilt - love vintage chenille.

  9. Cute quilt, cuter monkey! So whose your Idol Jodie? We will need a post on that!!!

  10. i hope you are feeling better!!! i also wanted to ask if you were able to get the cupcake pan?
    keep smiling!!!

  11. Austalian Idol, glass of wine, and knitting - that's where I was on Sunday night too Jodie. BUT how 'wierd' was the show??? I felt a bit uncomfortable watching it.

  12. What a great little quilt!!! I just love chenille fabrics, even though I'm yet to purchase any for myself.
    Hope you had fun Nannering it up over the weekend. I love to snuggle on the couch and watch a good movie when I get the chance.


  13. So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, hope you're on the mend. It always happens when you're planning something special for yourself doesn't it?! I love the little quilt and hope it took your mind off how you were feeling. Beautiful, fun colours, it must make you smile.
    Kim x
    Thanks for the birthday wishes

  14. g'day Possum
    so glad to see you are fighting fit and twice as dangerous! I might actually finish my chenille quilt too.. the kids have been using it for months with SAFETY PINS still in it! LOL not sure how to quilt it yet, but its bagged and I think I might have to tie it.. when i get a chance!

    Hope the Male Ric Rac's didn't get blown away!


  15. Love the chenille quilt. Sometimes the couch calls and when it beckons, you gotta go with it. It often knows best...... hope you are back and bubbly asap

  16. You make such lovely things!

    Thanls for sharing!

    Zelia (portugal)


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