Friday, September 21, 2007

Holidays !!!!!!!!

Holiday !Celebrate !

Holiday ! Celebrate !

If we took a holiday

Took some time to celebrate

Just one day out of life

It would be,

it would be so nice.

Ok, so after that the song becomes a bit of an anthem for saving the whole world and completely irrelevant for this post which is just me saying Hi and telling you that at last , through the concert and the flu and the poopin' is school holidays. Before you all hate me for being so happy about not going to work,(and the fact that it means all your school kids are home for two weeks) , don't forget my kids are home with me now for two weeks as well -Its the good the bad and the ugly of school holidays really.

Because today was the last day of term I had to work and do all the fussing and backing- up and things so I had a swap and stayed home yesterday ( I work 4 days a week).

So this is what I did:

This is made with some great fabric from spotlight - of course they got ONE ROLL and no they can't get anymore ! I think they called is slicker or something, it is a plastic coated cotton - if you have some at your spotlight please please let me know !!!
Did you see the gorgeous little (very Japanese looking) mushroom fabrics in the catalogue (Homemaker page 20) Well no they don't actually have those either!
They don't know when they'll arrive and no they won't ring to let me know " might not even know. The catalogue is of an idea...of the range...but it doesn't mean it' in the store."
Oh silly me I thought it was an advertising catalogue of stuff you could actually go an buy. What was I thinking........
But you know it doesn't really matter because !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned for some more regular blogging and the beginning of some reno's on the house. (I have convinced Miss 16 she will not be having black walls !)


  1. I have some of that red spotty stuff and stupidly only got 1/2 a metre. It's really wide though so it will be great for a couple of projects. I just got the most recent Cath Kidston catalogue and it's full of things made with this. I will check our spotlight for it and see if there is any left and I'll check for the mushrooms too. I just LOVE what you have done with yours - what a gorgeous bag. Very inspiring!!

  2. Hi Jodie,
    Hol i day what is that... Oh I'm just teasing. Lovely bag-I would try the plastic fabric but I'm scared that I could not use it probably. Have a huge spotlight near me and I will check for you if you would like! Let me know.... My daughter has another week of school-d'oh!
    Take care!

  3. i just thought i would tell you that i enjoy reading your blog because it gives me a window into life in australia. see i'm thinking why would you have a 2 week holiday at the end of september. its just not something we do. we do however have a two week holiday over christmas! i also cannot fathom it being hot for christmas like it is for you. so wierd. i love it!

  4. My Spotlight sounds very much like yours. I have even in the past taken something back to be told I could not have possibly bought it there even though I had my receipt!
    I am heading there this morning so I will see if I can find any slicker for you. I love that name by the makes me want to buy some just so I can say 'I bought myself some slicker'

  5. No black walls eh? What kind of a mother are you, anyway? This may ruin her life! So how about a black ceiling? . . . cute cute bag!

  6. thank god you talked her out of black walls!!! Bloody spotlight - I tell you they are a bunch of disorganised slackers!! Bag looks greeat by the way! Happy Holidays!

  7. No black walls?? you could do a lot of posts on this subject with pictures and we would all be interested.

  8. Hi i just found your blog and just wanted to say how great it is, i love this bag !
    Sarah x

  9. found a whole roll at the spotlight in bayswater
    (03)9729 8077
    on hold under both our names until eot monday in case you want it, they may transfer it to your local store.
    cheers jane

  10. you have to be one of the most prolific project/craft producing bloggers I know, LOL! :)

    I think it is inspire me to actually consider ironing those fabric pieces for my yo-yo quilt...tomorrow...I'll do it tomorrow :)

  11. Jodie
    Love your bag.. and I TOO LOVE the DICK AND JANE range.. so much, I had to buy the moda tote from Hancocks.. bad Lissa, but this ensures I have one less UFO! LOL I haven't seen this range anywhere local, but I will check spotty out when I am in there this week, the B@$Tard cat ate the tap dancers sequin belt so I have to replace it and soon.. 50km round trip to buy $2 worth of stretch sequin.. I love kids, but I dont think I could eat a whole one!


  12. don't get me started! many a thursday I pop in with my catalogue and items circled...and I hear the same! you've summed it up very well


  13. I have jumped on the bandwagon and bought up (huge!) on slicker and spottie's mushroom fabric. Did you manage to get some of the mushrooms? Drop me a line because I can send you some (my treat). Because, let's face it, I got carried away and bought far too much.

  14. Did you manage to get some more spots? There is some up here on the Gold Coast. Let me know if you need more.


Hellloooooo !!!!