Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The winner

Hiya guys,

Thanks for yesterday - I really didn't write that post just to get compliments but it was nice to find out you guys think I am back on the right track and of course that you all knew all along that I should have just left them alone !!!!

It is almost bedtime and still feels like 40 degrees here - YUK, so there is no fanfare and no fancy photos, just a winner courtesy of Mr Ric Rac and his amazing "picking a bit of paper from a bowl" technique.

yay Lisa, I am emailing you right now for your address and then you had better keep an eye on the letterbox!

Thanks Guys !


  1. woohoo! thanks Jodie!!! I love your blog and all your creations!!!

  2. Congrats to you Lisa...one of these days I am going to win one of your yummy looking giveaways!

  3. Congrats to Lisa.
    I love the twins - they are far too cute!!!

  4. Congratulations to Lisa.

    I love the arty shot of the face in the knife blade.


  5. Doh, I missed it didn't I?!!!
    Congratulations to Lisa :)


  6. I feel awful now as I didn't leave a complement - just a glib note. Kind of assumed you knew I LOVE your creations, each and every one!

  7. Congrats to Lisa - and you are generous as always, Jodie!

  8. Darn it! Missed the give away! I love the dolls! So cute. Good luck with them and the shop adventures. Exciting! I tried to add a feed on my site. Hope it works! All the best! Sew Sydney X

  9. Grats to Lisa!

    Your dolls are too cute! haha I love all the different Playful photo shots of them ;p


Hellloooooo !!!!