Friday, February 29, 2008

Bonjour !

Did I mention that Miss Jemma leaves for France in the middle of March? This school trip has been a long time coming....... I am a bit beside myself with excitement and more than a little jealous.

She will have about a week in Paris and then some time staying with a family with teenage girls (as well as one of her friends). They are going to lots of places and to-ing and fro-ing about.

I have been saving this sweet Auntie Cookie applique guy since I bought him last year, thinking I would use him on something for Jemma to take with her. So this is her notebook.

It has some little pockets inside so she can slip in her bus tickets and receipts and all those little things she might want to keep. I made it with a wool blend fabric but being a bit thicker it means the shape and corners aren't as crisp as I would like.

Chances are she will be less than impressed ( Did I mention she is 16 ?) But I really loved making it - very quick and finished.

So I made it through the week, even though my Monday deadline was shortened to Thursday. I ended up with a line of children carrying things all about the school - it was total chaos and I have muscle aches in places that I didn't even think I had muscles!

So now I have no library, no computer, no office - just me and my pigeon hole ! The good news is that at least for the time being my boss agreed to let me work 3 days a week instead of 4 - and I will just catch up the days next term when the library needs to be moved back in !

You should expect to see a veritable mountain of finished projects soon .........well maybe a small hill !


  1. Miss Jemma will have a great time. I don't know about you, my cousin did a similiar thing when she was in school (only to Japan), my aunty didn't sleep a wink the whole time she was gone.

    Looking forward to seeing your mountain of finished stuff!

  2. You must be so very excited for her. Hope she has a wonderful trip, what an opportunity! I made passport wallets to hang around my neck/over my shoulder when we travelled to France in September. It was invaluable (and gorgeous). If you have time for sewing I would recommend it.

  3. Hey! It's really nice to see you at last!!! And if you are down to 3 days does that mean your etsy shop will open soon?????

    I hope Jemma has a fab time in France - I'm not surprised you are jealous!

    Lucy xxx

  4. She will love it - don't worry!

  5. What a lucky girl she is-what a wonderful experience. 3 days a week sounds like bliss-I am sure you will get lots of sewing done-love the wallet notebook thingy! Nice to see you! Cheers!

  6. 3 days a week? does this mean you'll get your stuffs on etsy??
    *running and ducking for cover!*

    PS I wish I could go to Paris.. never went anywhere exciting on our school excursions.. last one was to Nambucca Heads Caravan Park.. woo hoo.. NOT

  7. Oooh, is that you? Cor blimey missus - you're rather gorgeous aren't you? :-D

    That is a lovely notebook with pockets - if your ungrateful 16 yr old doesn't appreciate it, I know a middle aged mother of two who will ;-) I hope Jemma has a wonderful time, and that you manage to keep your missing her down to manageable levels.

    Take care. x

  8. She is a very lucky girl. I had two weeks in Paris late last year. It was wonderful. And magical.

    As is that notebook cover . She is a lucky girl there too!

  9. Paris! Oh I am jealous too! Love the notebook!

  10. ohhhh wow PARIS..... what a fantastic opportinity.... luv the notebook... especially love the button closure...luv Abby
    PS Great self portrait...

  11. Paris is really nice, France is a country that I love very much, and we have travel a few times.
    I hope she has a wonderful trip,it's a great experience for her...
    Hope you keep calm...Saludos desde Barcelona

  12. Paris. What a lucky girl. And I'm sure she'll love the notebook cover. It's cute. I love the patch.

  13. Wow!!! What a big trip for a 16 year old... I bet she feels super grown up. Cute note book holder, love the aunty cookie fabric... Now, is the closing pic a self portrait (btw it's great)??? I always imagined you as a brunette not a blonde, funny that hey?


  14. oh lucky Jemma how wonderfully exciting for anyone but ESPECIALLY at 16 I have wanted to go to France forever!!! I am sure she will love that fab notebook cover her mum made for her :) happy trip Jemma

  15. How wonderful for Jemma! I bet she's getting excited. Sounds like a great adventure. Best of travels to her.

    What a cute travel notebook cover you made for her. Love that sweet applique!

  16. My dream job is to work in a junior school library!! You lucky, lucky thing. I was always so jealous of my librarian. While I herded 24 8 year old boys out the door I would see her smile smugly at me. I still hope a stack of books topples on her head.

  17. What a great notebook cover! Hope she has a great time in France!

  18. Lucky Jemma!!! I've just been to Paris, and I'd quite like to go back, and live there forever. It's so quick and easy for us to get there, why don't I go every month??? (oh, yeah, money - poo!). I hope she has a fabby time. And if she doesn't like her little cover - I'll fight Kitty for it ;)

    And a pic of you! You ARE real after all (and attractive too, what a bonus!)

  19. Hurrah for a three day week!! .... but will you be able to go back after having that extra day of freedom?

    The notebook cover looks fab - surely even a sophis. 16 year old would love it?

    Great to "see" you, by the way.


  20. That journal is gorgeous. I love it. Of course it is stationery and so it was almost inevitable really. I am working a 3 day week for the next 4 months and loving it. Of course less money is a bummer, but the payoff so far is totally worth it. Enjoy!

  21. Jodie, it's you! Yay, a portrait! Now we will recognise one another when we finally meet one day. Great to see you!
    Love the notebook, very classy as always. Best wishes to Miss Jemma for a great trip (I am definitly jealous).

  22. Ah ha. Nice to see the face behind the person!

  23. Oh my god why did I think you were about 25 with long straight dark hair?

    And there you are with fab short fair hair and a 16 year old daughter.

    Lovely to 'meet' you!!


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